9 Alternatives to Payday loans for those in crisis


Sometimes it is hard to get cash fast in difficult times. When times are tough, it can be even more difficult.

Payday lenders in Bridge are often the best option if you need money quickly.

Even if it is a small loan to cover an emergency, a cash advance could make you less financially secure than the money you borrowed before.

Nine ways to get quick cash.

1. You can find local charities or nonprofits.

The best for: Cover your essential expenses.

These local funding sources like nonprofits and community centres can be particularly helpful if there is an emergency.

BridgePayday provides a listing of local alternatives that payday loans. You can check it out to see what’s in your state.

Speed is determined by what you require and the number or organizations in your local area.

Consider this: Charitable charities might ask you to provide proof that you need assistance, such recent pay stubs.

2. Seek help for medical bills

Reducing a large medical bill or making it easier to repay is the best thing.

There are a few options you have before going to a payday loan lender for medical bills.

  • Payment plans: Ask your doctor for a plan to break down large bills into smaller monthly installments.
  • Advocates for medical bills – These advocates can negotiate lower fees after expensive hospital stays or procedures. They can also help you to dispute costly errors.
  • Medical credit card: Some cards for doctors offer interest-free periods. This may make it possible to cover your expenses.

Speed. While each option may be slower than others, it is possible to make a payment plan just by calling your doctor.

Keep in mind that all options come with fees or the potential for one. Calculate the savings you’ll make as well as the price you’ll have to pay.

3. You can borrow from a credit Union

For? When you are in good standing with your credit union and have the time to wait for a loan decision.

A credit union membership or the potential to join one is a great choice.

Credit unions don’t just look at your credit score. They also evaluate your income and credit history in order to approve you for loans.

A few credit unions also offer alternative loans for payday, although they aren’t very common. Repayments may take a few weeks.

Speed Credit cards and banks may take days to approve your loan request or process it.

Credit unions often report non-payments or late payments to credit bureaus. This can have a negative impact on your credit score.

4. Apply for a Bad-credit Loan

For people with lower credit scores than 690 FICO. This is the best moment to apply for cash.

Online lenders cater to poor credit borrowers often.

If you are unsure if a loan is right for your situation, you can prequalify with multiple lenders.

Speed. Many online loan providers can deposit funds directly into your bank account within hours after approval.

Keep in touch. Some lenders have raised application requirements following COVID-19. Online and bank lenders could report missed or late payments on credit bureaus. This can affect your credit score.


5. Consider other options to make your money

You can use this skill to create a part-time job or a permanent one. Find extra money in places that you haven’t looked.

Making extra money by selling your clothes, driving an Uber company or making a creative hobby into an online store.

While some of our options for making money may take longer than others. However, you can do many of these jobs alone or from your own home.

Speed is key. This determines how quickly you can receive cash. Selling online could take up to two weeks. Uber drivers get paid weekly.

Beware of internet scams and quick cash schemes

6. Form a lending circle

The best for: Paying low or no interest. You must also be willing and able help others.

You can start a lending group with friends and family.

Depending on whether your website is used to manage your lending circle and which one you choose, they may also be helpful in improving your credit score.

Speed: This depends on the time when your payouts reach. This is one of the slower funding options.

Keep in mind that your income must be consistent to finance your participation in a loan program.

7. Borrow from a close friend or family member

For: If someone is close enough to you to ask, it’s best: Getting money at no interest

It won’t harm your credit rating to ask someone you trust for help paying the bill or renting a room for a month. It can hurt your pride.

Together with your lender, you can negotiate terms to define the repayment schedule and whether or not it will be paid off in installments.

Speed. This will depend on what term you have with your lender.

Take care: Although a loan from family members or friends doesn’t require any physical collateral, it could cause irreparable damage to a relationship.

8. Apply a paycheck advance

Use it when you have cash on hand and are employed.

Earnin, a payday advance app that allows you to access your predictable income and get an advance on it is available.

These apps confirm that you have work, and offer an advance between $100 to $500 on your next paycheck.

They may charge low fees, or even no fees. They may accept tipping at no cost.

Speed: These apps are slow because you must earn money before they can lend it to you. Earnin, a mobile app that tracks your earnings, lets you know if you’re eligible to borrow the money. According to the company this process could take up to 10 minutes.

Paycheck advances shouldn’t be considered a permanent solution.

Lauren Saunders, National Consumer Law Center, said via email that people should be wary of services claiming they provide free access to money. Apps could make it more difficult to avoid paying tips. Tips can add up to the traditional payday loan fee fees.

9. Look into a pawnshop loans

Best option: Cash without a credit check.

A pawnshop staff member will evaluate your item and determine if they’ll lend you money in return. They will examine it and decide whether they are willing to lend you money.

You and Pawnshop agree on the payment of the loan, and any interest or fees.

Speed. The pawnshop will normally tell you if they will loan you money or how much.

Keep in mind that pawn loan rates might be higher than payday loans.

Long-term loans are not an option. This is a problem if you take out pawn loan on a regular basis.

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