Toxnot Launches Open Access Product Compliance and Materials Passport Solution to Fuel the Growing Circular Economy

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FORT COLLINS, Colo., May 23, 2022 /CSRwire/ — Today, Toxnot PBC announced a significant expansion of free account subscription on its award-winning ESG (environmental, social and governance) platform, Toxnot’s free tier now provides users with a complete solution to manage product compliance and supplier data collection.

For more accurate material data, users across the supply chain can redeem digital product passports at for free. Obtaining better data on materials is revolutionizing the ability of manufacturers to assess and achieve ESG and compliance objectives. Additionally, Toxnot’s product compliance reporting automation allows users to respond easily and quickly to customer inquiries.

Toxnot’s free features further its mission as a public benefit corporation to improve health and sustainability in global supply chains.

Automation of Toxnot product data

Access to next-generation supply chain data

Toxnot’s SaaS platform makes it easy to get accurate material data by replacing the typical process of endless spreadsheets and surveys with a simple exchange of digital product passports. Companies can reduce risk in their supply chains by better understanding material composition data. With improved material content insight and Toxnot’s analysis tools, companies can meet their brand commitments to safety, compliance, quality, sustainability and circularity.

“For most ESG issues, from chemical safety to climate change, companies need to know what’s in their materials to have a chance of designing improvements,” said Pete Girard, CEO of Toxnot. “This extension of access to the Toxnot platform makes it easier for suppliers and manufacturers to start and coordinate material data in the supply chain. Expanded access to best-in-class product compliance and reporting tools will raise the bar for supply chain operations across industries.

Toxnot’s free account subscription provides full access to posting and requesting digital product passports on the Toxnot Exchange. Providers retain full ownership and control of published data and who has access to it. Users can simply search for product passports, pull data directly into their account, and instantly analyze and generate sustainability and compliance reports, including automated determinations for RoHS, EU REACH, California Prop 65, and Conflict Minerals. When data is missing, users can easily fill in the gaps through automated, standardized and customizable questionnaires.

“The biggest problem we see today is that vendors don’t have the tools or the ability to provide accurate data to their customers. Our free tier solves this problem and gives all businesses the ability to easily verify and provide compliance and sustainability data on the products they sell,” said Mason Wambolt, Director of Business Development at Toxnot.

Digital infrastructure for the circular economy

Businesses today are taking on new challenges around environmental and health issues. Consumers are increasingly demanding safer and more durable products. Toxnot’s platform is the digital supply chain infrastructure that enables companies to deliver the circular economy of tomorrow.

“Toxnot is focused on providing universal access to our platform so that supplier data management can move from the endless parallel reports that occur today to systems where product and material data are digitally stored in passports. All users benefit when this digital data can be configured to meet different industry reporting needs without the manual effort required today,” said Girard.

Safe and sustainable starts now

Over 5,000 companies are already on the Toxnot platform, including some of the world’s largest manufacturers, such as Google, Reckitt and Shaw. Predict issues for you and your suppliers today with Toxnot’s supply chain sustainability solution. Get started by creating a free account now.

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Toxnot is a product and supply chain SaaS platform whose mission is to help companies make their products safer and more sustainable. A community of over 5,000 users and customers such as Google, Kohler, Reckitt and Shaw come together on Toxnot as a trusted platform for driving ESG and compliance objectives and exchanging digital passports.

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Toxnot is a software company with a mission to improve health and sustainability across the global supply chain. Using AI and automation, our platform makes the process of importing chemical data more efficient for manufacturers, providing faster insight into their hazard profiles, improving product reporting and streamlining their ability to create safer products. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, companies are using Toxnot to efficiently scale their transparency, circularity and compliance management, easily collect hazard information and reduce risk in their global supply chain.

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