The Warriors were hampered in their new arena by the Suns


The Golden State Warriors’ new look was blown away in their first two games of the season, prompting coach Steve Kerr to warn the team are facing a sobering ‘new reality’, while Draymond Green has announced that the Warriors “[expletive suck]. “

However, the Warriors did not appreciate the crowds of fans and analysts who agreed with their assessments and hit back at the NBA pundits after securing their first victory of the season against the Pelicans, a team that does not. shouldn’t be in the playoff race. . Green bizarrely told reporters that his comments – which, again, were that his team “[expletive] sucks ”- were out of proportion, while Stephen Curry had a message for the Stephen A Smiths and Charles Barkleys of the world.

“Everyone likes to tag you when you are down or when you lose. It’s easy. It’s easy to go on TV and say whatever you want. It’s easy to throw darts at a team trying to figure it out based on our success.

Hopefully people can start to see through this and understand what we’re doing as a team and what we’re going to build towards. Basically that’s it. If you want to go on and say whatever you want, and fill that 24 hour news cycle, that’s cool with us. We’re still going to hoop and just play basketball.

The Warriors returned to the Chase Center on Wednesday night, and they played about as poorly as an NBA basketball team can against the Suns. After D’Angelo Russell hit a three to give the Warriors a 10-9 lead, Golden State allowed Phoenix to go on a 30-1 run in the first quarter. At the end of the first, the Suns were leading the game 43-14.

[UPDATE]: Steph Curry suffered a serious hand injury during the game and the Warriors’ season is about to get extremely ugly.

Many NBA fans who yearn for chaos in this unpredictable season have been elated.


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