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Have you ever wondered why you get random critical hits with some moves, but absolutely none with others? In the absence of an official guide, a Pokemon Unite player cracked the code, compiling a spreadsheet of all the moves and indicating whether or not they are capable of generating reviews.

According to the player’s findings, Wigglytuff, Crustle, and Absol are the kings of critics, with most of their moves capable of dealing more damage. Absol is far ahead of the pack, with every move he can get critical hits.

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Aside from these three, there aren’t many Pokémon that are capable of critical hits, which is quite surprising considering how common they are in games in the main series. Garchomp has two moves that can be critical: Dragon Rush and Dragon Claw. The only others are Cinderace and Machamp, who can get reviews with Blaze Kick and Cross Chop respectively.

This means that, of the 22 Pokémon currently available (more will arrive soon), only 6 are capable of critical hits, leaving 16 without.

These results are courtesy of Reddit user Clouds2589, who posted the spreadsheet to r / PokemonUnite. In the responses, they shared the methodology used to produce the results, as well as another finding:

“Tested using only a Scope objective for 3 minutes per move on each Pokémon. It’s also worth pointing out that all of Pokémon’s basic attacks are capable of crit, boosted or not.

I learned some interesting things along the way. Like Gardevoir’s Moonblast damage is related to stun, so if your stun doesn’t apply for some reason, your Moonblast will do 0 damage.

Hope this helps people. It was something I couldn’t wait to find out, but I just wasn’t ready to take the time to play 40+ practice games to test it lol ”

There you go, folks – Wigglytuff has more critical opportunities than Cinderace. While Talonflame and Gengar don’t, apart from their basic attack. Who would have guessed?

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