Tech companies evolve on vaccine requirements: Deloitte rules, Spark says close


Mike Horne (Deloitte)

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Large consultancy firm Deloitte NZ has announced that only fully vaccinated people will be able to enter any of its offices from December 1.

Telecom and ICT services giant Spark is said to be on the verge of making a similar move, and many other ICT companies are expected to follow suit.

While the government is issuing immunization warrants for particularly high-risk industries and occupations, traditional businesses are reaching similar conclusions following completion of health and safety risk assessments.

“We are committed to protecting everyone from COVID-19,” Deloitte CEO Mike Horne said. “This is not a decision we took lightly.

“We did a full health and safety risk assessment, asked our employees to provide their immunization status as well as their comfort level working with those who are not vaccinated, and then consulted them on our draft policy. before finalizing. “

The policy could have an impact on supply chains as it will apply not only to staff, but also to all visitors to Deloitte’s offices, including customers, suppliers and contractors.

Likewise, only fully vaccinated Deloitte people will be able to work or visit customer or third party premises, and any Deloitte events held off-site will also require attendees to be fully vaccinated.

Deloitte said he continues to actively encourage all of his employees to get fully immunized and work with those who are not to help keep them safe and ensure they stay included and connected to the world. business through remote work.

A week ago, Spark reportedly took the same direction and may even require staff to be vaccinated in certain roles.

Spokeswoman Althea Lovell said Spark has been open with her employees that this could include the potential for vaccination requirements in certain areas of the business. If so, the company said it would consult with the people and teams affected.

Spark said the move would ensure high standards of health and safety compliance and reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak in critical areas of the business.

Vodafone NZ appears to be on a similar trajectory, encouraging staff to get vaccinated while planning their own COVID-19 safety management plan and launching a voluntary vaccination registry. These measures have helped keep people safe at work and continue to provide essential services to customers, the company said.

“This is important for any future outbreaks, or if COVID-19 becomes endemic in the community,” Vodafone NZ said.

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