Tax professionals meet with Dcst and demand resolution | News Ludhiana

Ludhiana: A delegation from the District Taxation Bar Association (DTBA) (sales tax), Ludhiana met with Randhir Kaur, Deputy Commissioner of State Taxation (DCST) to discuss their issues. The delegation was led by DTBA President Varinder Sharma and other officers of the association. Several items including VAT assessments, GST registration and change delays, refund delays, etc. were discussed at this meeting.
Sharma said, “Tax professionals and advocates are facing huge problems due to our various issues not being addressed. Some of the major issues that were discussed at the meeting are related to the non-receipt of the VAT case assessment order for 2014-15 to 2017-18 (first quarter). The deadline for paying the claim under the Single Settlement Scheme (OTS) is March 31. It is therefore not possible to pay the same if the assessment order is not received. We request the authorities to provide appraisal orders to the relevant lawyer or dealer as soon as possible so that we can pay the application under the OTS program at the earliest to avoid the last date rush.
Sharma also added, “There is also an issue of filing VAT/CST online through the department’s IFMS website as now the division of states is expanding from 3 to 5, but on the website only three districts are available. We have asked the department to fix this issue either by updating the website or by allowing the deposit according to the dealer’s old service. »
According to Chander Sehgal, Secretary of the DTBA, “Bar members are having too many problems getting VAT refunds and we have reported to the DCST that the ETOs in the affected district have started rejecting pending VAT refund applications if the case is under Section 39 of the PVAT Act 2005 on the reason for framing the assessment of said cases. We have requested the Commissioner that in accordance with the PVAT Act, the Department cannot deny said request. Further , ETOs also refuse the refund of VAT if the application of the refund of VAT applies on the basis of the ITC reported as the excess mentioned in the assessment order, this refusal of refund is also contrary to the provision of the PVAT Act 2005 in accordance with Section 15(4)( ) of the Punjab VAT Act 2005. We also requested that an order be issued to all officials of the department to authorize refunds. ents of VAT if they are applied in accordance with the provisions of the law. »

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