Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital in Tungs, Taiwan is the latest to achieve EMRAM Phase 6

Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital in Tungs has been validated for Stage 6 on the HIMSS Electronic Medical Records (EMRAM) Adoption Model.

the Eight-stage EMRAM measures the adoption and maturity of a healthcare organization’s EMR capabilities from 0 to 7.


To achieve Level 6 accreditation, the 1,200-bed regional teaching hospital implemented closed-loop management for practice and decision support covering computerized practitioner order entry (CPOE) , administration of blood products, administration of drugs to hospitalized patients and emergencies, samples and breast milk. administration.

Dr. Min-Che Tung, Chief Superintendent of the hospital, says he has seen a number of positive results from this implementation, including reductions in errors in sample collection, medication and blood transfusion. , among others.

“After implementing the closed-loop management system at Tungs Hospital, we recognized that the higher the barcode reading rate, the fewer abnormal events in the hospital,” he pointed out.

Additionally, Tungs Hospital has developed an “informative and traceable” process that “has greatly improved the work efficiency of clinical staff and ensured patient safety,” according to Dr. Min-Che Tung.

In response to HIMSS recommendations, Tungs Hospital is set to replace its paper consent forms with electronic forms by June. It will also optimize the survey and audit system of its electronic consent forms.

The hospital also revealed that it will test four different telemedicine applications for home care, occupational safety and health, emergency and inter-hospital use.

“Going forward, we would like to see Tungs Hospital’s commitment to meeting the personalized health needs, values ​​and goals of their patients by providing care delivery choices, which include virtual care visits. , telehealth and digital self-health management,” said Andrew Pearce, vice president of analytics and head of global consulting at HIMSS.


In 2019, Taiwan as a nation has achieved Stage 7 EMRAM accreditation. To achieve this, it created an e-hospital and introduced smart medical processes, as well as digital health content to improve patient care. What has also allowed it to achieve the highest level of accreditation is the use of a clinical decision support system to adjust doses and frequency of medications, and a dashboard for economic intelligence for the follow-up of feverish patients.

The Tungs Hospital validation follows the same EMRAM Stage 6 award at the Pondok Indah Hospital Group, the first healthcare provider in Indonesia to receive such accreditation. Changhua Christian Hospital is another hospital in Taiwan that has reached Stage 6 accreditation, while Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and China Medical University Hospital have reached Stage 7. Tungs Hospital said it also planned to reach EMRAM Stage 7 in the “near future”. .


Speaking about their Stage 6 validation experience, Dr Min-Che Tung said, “During the assessment, we significantly improved our IT system, ensuring patient safety. We have developed better digitization and standardization of medical records, decision support systems and file sharing. between the clouds of the hospital.”

Dr. Tung also noted potential IT improvements after passing the maturity model assessments, including better medical decision-making systems and medical data for clinical application; have comprehensive clinical databases; ensure comprehensive patient protection, achieve medical information standards; integration of EMR in all institutions; and have the ability to obtain ongoing medical care in the future.

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