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By submitting payment requests to Bouygues UK, Gtek has adopted Payapps technology. This article explores how Gtek moved from a manual, paper-based process for submitting payment requests to using Payapps for better payment and cash flow predictability.

It’s no secret that when it comes to processing payments, the construction industry, in general, faces several challenges. Many organizations find themselves continuing to rely on manual and outdated payment processes, which can hamper projects, cause litigation, and create a bottleneck for operations as a whole.

But, any form of change needs a catalyst, and for Gtek – one of the UK’s leading earthworks and civil engineering contractors – that catalyst was working on a project with Bouygues UK.

Move away from paper processes

With Gtek’s old manual, paper-based process for submitting payment requests, Gtek employees taking time off or human error while submitting a request could lead to payment delays. So when Bouygues UK suggested Gtek use Payapps to improve the speed and accuracy of payments, Gtek’s Business Development Manager Jim Howe immediately seized the opportunity.

New and innovative payment applications

Gtek sees Payapps as an opportunity to reduce any risk of disputes or late payments, and to further improve its relationship with its customers. “Gtek has always embraced technology, so our initial thoughts on using Payapps were actually a welcome change,” said Jim Howe.

“We have been adopting new and innovative methods for several years now, for example, innovative facilities and equipment, site sign-in and sign-out systems and health and safety innovations. The benefits of innovative technology have reduced on-site incidents, improved efficiency, improved organizational techniques and helped us stay competitive.

“When another opportunity to improve a back-office function arose, of course we recognized the benefits.”

Collaborative relations between subcontractors and suppliers

Payapps offers a single, centralized solution for contractors to submit and receive applications in a consistent format and supports a collaborative relationship between contractors and their vendors.

Fabrice Davis, deputy commercial director of Bouygues UK, has seen significant improvements in the visibility of the payment process: “I can go into Payapps and see every contract configured in the system and where it is currently in terms of workflow. Sorted by particular site, we have set up workflows for different contractors with individual supply chains and approval paths. »

Can payapps transform your business?

An innovative way to manage the payment process, Payapps enables a streamlined payment request process for contractors and subcontractors, eliminating the manual processing of spreadsheets and helping to build collaborative relationships that are so vital to business. ‘industry.

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