Studio appoints data manager to lead new team

Online retailer has appointed Gareth Powell chief data officer to lead a new data team.

Powell, who joined Studio in June as head of enterprise data products and information, has been named the online retailer’s new data director and tasked with bringing together analytics, data governance, data governance, Data Engineering and Studio Architecture.

In his new role, Powell will implement a data agenda, including a target operating model, a data governance framework, an approach to data integrity, and showcase the Snowflake and Microsoft Azure cloud data platforms. .

He will also oversee Studio’s new data team, which brings together Studio’s analytical, data governance, data engineering and architecture talents. The team will expand to 35 members, with Powell on-boarding 10 new staff.

Studio says Powell was selected for the role because of his “wealth of data experience in the retail and telecommunications industries,” with previous positions such as director of data science at N Brown and director of analytics and analytics at TalkTalk.

Online retailer accelerates digital transformation with new data division

Commenting on his new role, Powell said in a statement, “My vision is to make data and information easy to access for our employees. A positive customer experience is based on information that is easy to access and of good quality.

“We have successfully integrated a hub-and-spoke analytics model that ensures we have strong partnerships with our customer and digital, negotiation and customer experience teams, ensuring that we are using data in the most efficient way possible. “

Paul Kendrick, Managing Director of Studio Retail Group, added, “Gareth has a proven track record in data management, so his skills are essential to our ambitious plans to use data to grow and grow the business.

“We have already seen fantastic results from Gareth and we look forward to seeing what he will bring to an already strong management team on the difficult journey ahead.”

The online retailer recently said it has more than two million active customers, an increase of 79% over the past five years. With Studio adding that its digital transformation plans have been accelerated by the lockdown, and its app has reached over 1.2 million users, accounting for 32% of sales and a 25% increase year-over-year. . is part of Studio Retail Group and sells discounted clothing and footwear from top brands such as Adidas, Nike, Timberland, Skechers, Ugg, Diesel, Emporio Armani and Puma.

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