Students protest against Cluster University decision on exams


On Monday, students from Cluster University protested against CU administration in Jammu.
On Monday, students from Cluster University protested against CU administration in Jammu.

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JAMMU, September 7: Today, students associated with Jammu Yuva Sangathan (JYS) demonstrated outside Cluster University Jammu, showing their anger at the university’s decision to hold final year exams offline .
A large number of students gathered in front of the University building and burned the effigy of the University administration. Angry protesters were waving slogans against the government and also in support of their demands.
While addressing the media, Chetan Sharma, head of the JYS student wing, said the decision to hold exams online was unreasonable and did not reflect current circumstances. He said that due to the offline exams, students will be exposed to the corona virus attack without their will, these exams will serve no purpose other than to supplement the Corona virus infection.
He said that when the rest of J&K universities do exams online, why is Cluster University so keen to conduct exams offline. This kind of decision is not justified. When the university can conduct internal assessments online, why is the administration reluctant to conduct final exams online.
He pointed out that if they consider that the students are strong enough to cope with covid-19 and will be safely recovered, but these students if they are infected will serve as carriers of the virus and may further infect their family members. which will also include the class of people most vulnerable to covid-19. He demanded that, given the real grievances of the students, the university administration immediately withdraw its order to conduct offline exams and switch to online exam mode.
Meanwhile, JYS President Virender Singh said the university should avoid risking the lives of students and must respond to their real demands. He warned the University administration to immediately withdraw this unreasonable decision to conduct online exams, otherwise we will have to go to court to seek justice.

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