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SILCHAR: A member of Assam’s Aliens Court has asked the State Coordinator of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) not to interfere in the functioning of quasi-judicial bodies which are empowered to adjudicate citizenship matters and declare a person as a stranger.

This follows a recent circular from the state’s NRC coordinator, Hitesh Dev Sharma, asking members of the Aliens Courts (FTs) across the state not to consider the NRC draft and its supplemental list as evidence. reliable for settling cases.

On April 18, Sharma sent letters to FT members claiming there were errors in the NRC list released earlier due to incorrect data entry in the update process. “Given that the Registrar General of Citizens Registration (RGCR) has not declared the NRC as final and there are errors, things may change when the final NRC is released,” Sharma wrote.

On May 10, a member of the FT (who did not want to release his name to the media) wrote a letter to Sharma and mentioned that the final NRC had been released in accordance with various Supreme Court orders and judgments issued in WP(C ) 274/2009 and pursuant to Clause 7 of the Citizenship Rules 2003 and notified by RGCR pursuant to Rule 4A(3) of the Citizenship Rules.

“On the day of the final publication of the NRC on 31.08.2019, a press statement was issued by your predecessor in office, the then State Coordinator, NRC Assam, Prateek Hajela, that it was clear that the NRC published is the final NRC,” he wrote. HT saw a copy of the letter.

According to the member, the NRC lists published to date (including the NRC Draft, the Supplementary Draft and the Supplementary List) are available online and directly accessible by ordinary people. On the official website, the list is mentioned as Final NRC. Printed copies of these are available at NRC Seva Kendras and NRC Assam district offices.

“Therefore, to say that the final NRC issued under the supervision of the Supreme Court and the notification of the RGCR is not final is in direct contrast to the records and orders available from the Supreme Court. The State Coordinator has suggested that the published list may be further amended in accordance with Clause 4(3) of the Schedule to the Citizenship Rules 2003 before the so-called final publication, which may result in contempt of court “, indicates the letter.

“The State Coordinator cannot propagate his misunderstanding of the law, rules, notices and orders of the Supreme Court regarding the purpose of the NRC in Assam. We have advised him to withdraw his letter and stop interfering in the legal functioning of the Aliens Courts, which is beyond your jurisdiction and the limits of your power,” Judge FT added.

In September last year, an FT member from Karimganj district, Assam, said a dodgy migrant was Indian, while observing that his family members were on the National Citizens Register (NRC ) released on August 31, 2019, which he called NRC final.

According to Assam’s Home Affairs and Politics Department, 100 Aliens Courts are operating in the state. Judges and barristers are appointed as members of the FT under the Aliens Court Act 1941 and the Aliens Court ORDER 1964 in accordance with guidelines issued by the Central Government.

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