Step-by-Step Guide to Paying BBMP Property Tax for 2022-23

BBMP SAS Payment of property tax. Photo credit: DR Prakash

All property owners in Bangalore are required to pay property tax for the financial year 2022-23. The deadline to do so without penalty and interest is June 30, while with penalty and interest it can be paid at the owner’s convenience.

BBMP is offering a 5% rebate on property tax payment until April 30, 2022. Given the challenges of increasing circumstances, BBMP needs to extend the rebate period for an additional month (until May), as this has been done in previous years.

There are some problems in the system, BBMP needs to fix all bugs and malfunctions of the tax payment portal immediately so taxpayers can do their part quickly and easily.

BBMP recently clarified that the online form will have the “area” field automatically filled and frozen, based on street codes in a scientific way. Properties are classified into six different zones: “Zone A” to “Zone F”, with different rates depending on the development levels of the neighborhood. The BBMP did this to avoid misuse of the provision or miszonal classification, which resulted in leakage of tax revenue for the BBMP.

We would have liked these details to have been given before increasing the tax claim!

Here are the steps to pay property tax online:

1. Have these handy before you start:

  • Mobile number – for OTP
  • Your previous property tax receipt
  • Details of changes; new area (dimensions), type of construction, etc. (if applicable)
Sample BBMP Property Tax Receipt Template

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2. You can either go to the main BBMP site, and select “Get started” in the “Pay property tax” box or you can go directly to the tax portal:

3. A box appears on the right side of the ‘SAS Property Tax Payment’ screen. Choose between the three choices:

  • App. No. Enter the 10-digit application number – (Type the application number provided when paying the 2016 tax).
  • PID # – (Type the PID number of the property).
  • 2008-2015 Renewal App.No. – (Type this application number).

4. In the box below, type three characters (alphabets) of the owner’s name and click on the blue “Recover” box.

Screenshot Payment Property Tax BBMP SAS
Payment of Property Tax BBMP SAS. Photo credit:

5. Details – owner name, neighborhood details; the name, number and office will appear. (In some cases, multiple details will also appear where BBMP entered data incorrectly.) Select the correct owner details and click “Confirm”.

6. Details such as; The base and new application number, owner’s name, mobile phone number and year of tax payment will be displayed.

7. The message “Check this box if there are changes in the use of the property, the extent of the built-up area or its occupancy” will appear. Click the checkbox only if there are changes, otherwise ignore.

Owners application number, name, mobile, etc.
Owner contact details; Payment of Property Tax BBMP SAS. Photo credit:

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8. For properties that have received notices of arrears, as well as those indicating ownership changes, an OTP is sent to the indicated mobile number and after entering it, the form will open.

9. Even if you did NOT click the edits checkbox:

  • For properties that have not received the ‘NOTICE OF ARREARS’, or properties where there is NO change to the area, the IV form will open.
  • For those who have received the notice OR there is a change in the field entered, Form V will open. (This is due to the extended capping facility in 2016, where the classification moved more than two zones).

10. For Form IV requests, verify contact details, address, etc. Modify them if they are different or incorrect; You can give an additional ‘Communication’ address if needed. Then proceed to the section where the calculated tax amount is displayed. Compare the details with your receipt from last year and if you find the same, click the accept box at the bottom of the screen.

Property Tax BBMP Form IV
Zonal classification, use and nature of the property for the calculation of the Property Tax BBMP. Photo credit : DR Prakache

11. Now you need to select payment choice – Challan Payment OR Online Payment. Note: A can not cash payment method after selection.

12. By selecting Challan Payment, the challan will be generated and the link will open to another page, where you can download it. Then get a printout of the challan and pay at designated banks, within the valid period (last day of that month).

13. Selecting ‘Online Payment’ will take you to another portal and you can pay online. (Bank charges based on different modes – Debit Cards / Credit Cards / UPI / Online Transfer and types – BOTH portals powered apply for fees exceeding Rs.2000/- for this mode).

Convenience fees on different payment options for online property tax payment BBMP
BBMP Property Tax Convenience Fee online payment. Photo credit : DR Prakache

14. For those who check the “Changes” box as mentioned in step 8, check the address, contact details and enter the changes according to the actual numbers. Click on ‘Go to next page’ which will show you the calculated amount. Check the calculation and proceed to payment according to the instructions mentioned above.

FY22-23 Property Tax Calculation
Calculation of the BBMP property tax. Photo credit: DR Prakash


  • The portal is time-based and expires if you have it open for too long, returning you to the home page, where you have to start all over again from scratch!
  • BBMP has made the zonal classification auto-populated this year, and the owner does not need to verify or enter it. (This software update was the reason for the delay in the property tax application)
  • The message in Form V for “check zonal classification link before making payment” is visible and the link for zonal classification for both years as “Click here for 2008-09 to 2015-16” as well as “2016 -17” is visible, but it has been disabled, so there is no point trying it!

[DR Prakash has been writing property tax payment guides for Citizen Matters since 2008. This explainer has been validated and also shared with the BBMP Commissioner for the benefit of Bengaluru’s public.]

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