SSH signs a strategic partnership with

SSH signs strategic partnership with cybersecurity optimization platform CYE for cybersecurity assessment, risk quantification and mitigation prioritization

SSH – a leading provider of defensive cybersecurity solutions – has signed a partnership agreement with CYE, a leading optimization platform, which provides organizations with cybersecurity decision support tools by quantifying contextual security data.

CYE’s Security Optimization Platform provides a comprehensive organizational assessment, risk quantification, and mitigation plan to deliver business impact insights that help optimize business investments.

CYE’s technology provides a comprehensive understanding of the state of security based on real attacks carried out by red teams nationwide. CYE’s innovative cloud-based cybersecurity optimization platform, Hyver, provides organization-level security assessments, revealing anticipated attack routes, analyzing business risks, and developing remediation plans. optimized attenuation.

SSH offers defensive cybersecurity solutions that allow customers to manage access to their critical data. The SSH Zero Trust approach combines key and password management under one roof for comprehensive and efficient secrets management. It allows customers to enter a dynamic access model where access is granted just in time with temporary certificates that expire automatically and within minutes. This leaves no keys or passwords in the system that can be loaned or stolen. Customers can operate passwordless, tokenless, and PINless without the need to manage, rotate, or back up credentials and passwords, improving security and increasing operational efficiency.

SSH offers CYE’s solutions as part of its defensive cybersecurity portfolio, with a particular focus on automated access control, monitoring and auditing solutions. The combination of CYE technology with SSH expertise will bring a data-driven security model that is aligned with business needs and creates an effective remediation tool for advanced organizations.

“We are delighted with our partnership with CYE,” says SSH CEO Dr. Teemu Tunkelo. “The SSH Zero Trust editions include encryption key discovery and cloud asset discovery features to help our customers see where their critical assets and credentials are. In combination with CYE’s security solutions, we can demonstrate to our customers how potential insiders and external attackers can take advantage of unmanaged credentials or poorly managed access controls, passwords and PINs,” Tunkelo continues. “With our Zero Trust solutions Access Management, customers can improve their security posture by removing potential attack vectors caused by static passwords, PINs, and dongles that can be borrowed or stolen, while modernizing their access controls for access management. era of hybrid cloud and quantum security. cipher.”

“We look forward to working closely with SSH and its customers, combining our skills and technologies and delivering great value that will continually improve cybersecurity maturity,” said CYE CEO Reuven Aronashvili. “Clients will benefit from the cybersecurity expert teams associated with Hyver, our decision support platform, visualizing their current posture, quantifying their risks, optimizing their cyber budget spend and increasing their resilience.

For more information visit: SSH Risk Assessment – Quantification – Mitigation

About CYE

CYE was founded in 2012 and is led by the co-founder of the Israeli army’s Red Team unit. It serves as a trusted cybersecurity partner for midsize to Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries across the globe. CYE improves the cybersecurity maturity of its customers by enabling better identification, prioritization and reduction of cyber risks. CYE’s innovative cloud-based cybersecurity optimization platform, Hyver, provides organization-level security assessments, revealing anticipated paths of attack, analyzing business risks and developing remediation plans. optimized attenuation.

About SSH

SSH helps organizations protect their critical digital assets at rest, in transit, and in use. We have more than 5,000 customers worldwide, including 40% of Fortune 500 companies and major organizations in finance, government, retail and industry. We are committed to helping our customers secure their business in the era of hybrid cloud and distributed IT and OT solutions. Our Zero Trust solutions provide secure electronic communications, secure access to servers and between servers. Our teams in North America, Europe and Asia as well as a worldwide network of certified partners guarantee the success of our customers. The shares of the company (SSH1V) are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

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