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HYDERABAD: Determined to make Hyderabad a city 100% vaccinated against Covid in two weeks, the Telangana government is preparing to launch a special vaccination campaign on August 23, covering all 4,846 settlements, slums and others GHMC zones and 360 localities of the cantonment zone. A total of 175 mobile vaccination vehicles will be used for this purpose – 150 in the GHMC and 25 in the cantonment areas. Each vehicle would have two vaccinators and a data entry operator.

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar on Saturday called a meeting at BRKR Bhavan on the special vaccination campaign with officials from the Ministry of Health and GHMC. The chief secretary called on the population to take the opportunity to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Health Secretary Sam Rizvi, GHMC Commissioner Lokesh Kumar, Secunderabad Cantonment Council CEO Ajit Reddy, Director of Public Health, Dr G Srinivas Rao and other officials were present. during a meeting.

Prior to the launch of the campaign, mobilization teams would go door to door and identify unvaccinated people. They would then inform citizens of the date and time of the vaccination. Later, a sticker would be stuck on the doors of each vaccinated household.

Sources said that an adequate amount of vaccine has been made available to cover all households in the GHMC and cantonment areas. The government would undertake a major awareness campaign on the special vaccination campaign. After full vaccination of a colony, a public event would be organized to encourage other settlements and slums to work towards achieving 100% vaccination. Additionally, the GHMC Commissioner would issue Certificates of Appreciation to Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and colonies that succeed in achieving 100% vaccination.

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