Single sight data in government: practice rather than theory


Virtual round table

An online round table exclusively for senior data management and IT executives in the Australian government.

When: Wednesday, October 27, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. AEST

Or: Online (via Zoom)

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Discuss the practice of improving agency results through unified data management Mandarin hosts a virtual roundtable for senior data management executives and Australian government IT managers.

An agency’s data management practice is essential to its operation and success. And while there is no shortage of discussions on how pooling data sources can achieve better results, the implementation of such unification by the public sector has been hampered by a number of hurdles.

For most agencies, accessing data is difficult, whether it is shared within or between departments. Understanding the full picture and enabling data interoperability means that services need access to complete, integrated data, regardless of its source or format. The need for this access can, and usually is, compromised by technological barriers, legacy systems, regulatory issues, or a lack of shared data infrastructure.

  • How government agencies can overcome obstacles to achieve unified data management.
  • The benefits of a master data management base for risk management, citizen satisfaction, regulatory compliance, decision making and overall agency efficiency.
  • What recent announcements of Australia’s digital and data transformation plan mean for the future of data management in government.

This is a unique opportunity for senior executives to hear first-hand local (ICCA) and international case studies from experts and industry leaders, learn unique data requirements. other agencies and participate in a valuable discussion about the current and future state of data. government-wide strategy.

Joseph Sullivan, Head of MDM, APJ, Computer science Malliga Krishnan, Chief Information and Data Officer, ANZ, Capgemini
David Harper, Vice President and Head of Public Sector, Capgemini Brad Howarth, journalist and host, Mandarin

Hosted by Mandarin in partnership with Informatica and Capgemini, this roundtable is designed for a range of senior data management and IT executives in state and federal government departments.

Invitations to the roundtable are subject to the above eligibility criteria and the availability of limited places, if you would like to attend, please enter your details here.

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