Shaedon Sharpe saying for 2022 NBA draft is important for OKC

The 2022 NBA Draft will be hugely important to the future of the Oklahoma City Thunder as they attempt to rebuild this organization into championship contenders. Sam Presti will have his work cut out for him with four picks from the top 35 picks, including two lottery picks, one pick at 30 and 34. With luck in the lottery in 23 days, the entire direction of the Thunder franchise could change. . The 2022 NBA Draft just got a whole lot more interesting with Shaedon Sharpe declaring himself for the NBA Draft after sitting out last season at Kentucky.

“Who is Shaedon Sharpe? That’s what you’re probably thinking to yourself, frantically skimming through your mind, Google spreadsheets, a legal notepad, or whatever half-random draft prep you’ve done so far trying to connect the dots to Sam Presti’s next prodigy. You took your time, stayed up unreasonable hours, skipped work for a month straight, watched way too much March Madness, and there was never a flagship package. of Shaedon Sharpe in front of your screen, what does it give?

Well, the whole Sharpe saga would take a twilight novels-sized article to explain, but the bottom line is that he graduated high school in May, but only enrolled at the University of Kentucky until December and, for various reasons, never found himself on the field for the Wildcats before shutting down as Kentucky would go on to lose to the 15-seeded Peacocks.

Sharpe, a native of London, Canada, hasn’t played at any level higher than high school ball/AAU, making him one of the most interesting, polarizing, and chilling prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft.

Shaedon Sharpe Says For 2022 NBA Draft, Plans To Stay Despite Never Playing College

The Canadian is 6’6 and measures 175 at the age of 19. He is a supreme athlete who is sneaky, flies through the air like an eagle and can finish to the edge with his length and speed. That length and quickness should also help him develop defensively, an area he was horrible at in high school.

Let’s stop there. That’s exactly what makes Sharpe scary. There’s a lot to like about Sharpe’s game, in my opinion, more positives than negatives, and being a bad defender in high school means relatively nothing because most players of his size, athletic ability and of his promise are not engaged for this purpose. the soil in these lower rows. However, we never saw him assert himself in college. Which parts of his film were bad habits that will linger and which were just a product of his high school environment and his ability to get away with it effortlessly?

He can be a sniper at all three levels, shoot rebounds, facilitate as a point guard, and hit a growth spurt by the end of high school, which may or may not mean he’s finished growing. While I’m buying the movie we’ve been seeing since high school, it’s fair to say, of course, anyone of her explosiveness can look good in high school.

While the defense and lack of experience in a real offensive system is concerning, when has Sam Presti ever been afraid to take a swing? Sharpe ticks many boxes for the Thunder. He’s a great athlete, a point guard, shows signs of being an all-around defenseman, a Canadian and “Kentucky” player, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander already shouted it out on Twitter.

While no one can truly predict anyone’s future, let alone someone with low data points like Shaedon Sharpe, the one clear thing is that it gives Presti another perspective in this project with superstar potential.

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