SDAT reminds companies to verify their status in good standing and prepares for the 2021 filing season


The Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation (SDAT) encourages business owners to view their business status on Maryland Business Express to ensure they are in good standing with the Crown, and if not, to follow the steps in this Reputable Checklist to avoid being lost. Today, the Ministry also announced that its 2021 annual report extension system is live, which allows companies to extend their filing deadline from April 15 to June 15, 2021.

“Our department has taken unprecedented steps to keep Maryland businesses in good standing during this pandemic because their success is vital for so many people in our communities and for Maryland’s economy,” said Michael Higgs, director of SDAT . “The online services launched since April have helped thousands of businesses re-launch and continue to operate in the state, and we remain committed to doing everything possible to encourage their success.”

Some Maryland businesses that fail to meet their legal filing obligations will be forfeited on December 15, 2020 if these issues are not addressed first. Forfeiture notices were mailed to these companies, and SDATs online search for confiscation can also be used to determine if this applies to your business. All businesses facing forfeiture should review SDATs Reputable Checklist to determine what action needs to be taken. From 2021, all confiscated legal entities, including foreign entities and domestic companies without shares, will be required to file all overdue annual reports to regain rule status, and these are much easier to remedy. problems before a business is confiscated. until after.

In anticipation of the 2021 filing season, the Ministry will turn off online submissions for all annual reports from December 31st at noon to January 8th. All annual reports in the “draft” state will also be deleted at noon on December 31st. receive email reminders in the coming weeks to complete unsubmitted annual reports.

Since March, the ministry has released 15 new online services that make it much easier for businesses to stay in good standing, a necessary requirement for many types of coronavirus-related relief. 9,327 filings have been submitted using any of these new options, and a total of 339,597 filings have been submitted online so far in 2020.

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