RiskLens adds new APIs for risk registers and other reporting tools

Today, we’re announcing new APIs and export capabilities for the RiskLens platform, as part of our ongoing program to integrate quantitative risk analysis and reporting with the most familiar and popular tools. practices for our customers, such as executive dashboards, IRMs, GRCs, analytics products. and other recording systems.

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New Export Capabilities for Portfolio Management

Portfolios are highly flexible automated reports with customizable dashboards based on board and management information needs, for example, to display risk by business unit or revenue stream. In a portfolio, users create topics and associate them with groups of risk scenarios, covering for example forms of loss (confidentiality, integrity, availability) or type of loss event.

With this new release, portfolio and topic reports can now be exported to Excel and CSV, allowing users to create custom visuals, change currencies to match internal reports, and many other improvements.

RiskLens - export choices for an assessment of top risks in a portfolio

Screenshot showing the export choices for an assessment of the main risks in a portfolio

RiskLens - Export to Excel screenshotScreenshot of Export to Excel

Learn more about RiskLens portfolio management

New APIs embed risk analytics into our customers’ favorite tools

This latest release allows customers to remotely initiate a wide range of RiskLens platform actions and rely on their internal systems of record to do so. The days of double data entry are over with RiskLens’ ability to directly ingest data from other applications.

With the new APIs, you can not only automatically create and manage assets from your CMDB, GRC, or other record source, but now ingest their key metrics to bring even more rigor and accuracy to your risk assessments.

Video: See how a RiskLens API integrates quantitative risk analysis with the ServiceNow GRC platform.

The good news doesn’t stop there: the scenario building API that debuted with our previous release in May allows creating rules to automatically create matching risk scenarios after asset creation. Know of a crown jewel database in need of a data breach scenario? Automate creation to save time and ensure consistent analysis across your enterprise.

Even better, Asset Workshop subscriptions mean that the key metrics you ingested during asset creation will be ready and waiting to use in those scenarios. Customers can also run and delete scenarios remotely.

Previous versions implemented remote access to data assistants, risk scenarios and risk assessmentsand the subscription system for automatic data updates based on the latest changes in clients’ risk landscapes.

RiskLens API - Custom top risk report created in AirTable using RiskLens data export API

Custom reports in Airtable based on RiskLens APIs.

Find our API documentation here:




*Also available from RiskLens: Quick and flexible export of risk treatment analysis results to PowerPoint.

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