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What is Tiller and how does it work?

If creating spreadsheets gives you a bit of fun, Tiller Money might be the budgeting app for you. This is if you are not looking for a mobile app. Tiller was originally intended to be a mobile app, but after interviewing potential customers, the developers decided that the spreadsheet layout would work best on a desktop computer.

While it is possible to access Tiller Spreadsheets from your iOS or Android (using the Google Sheets app or Microsoft Excel), it can be difficult to update through your mobile device.

Tiller Money connects your financial accounts online. Every day, it automatically extracts your investment balances and banking transactions – including deposits and withdrawals – and downloads them to a Google or Excel spreadsheet (whichever you use). This way you always know where you are at. And to make your life easier, the company sends you an email every day to keep you up to date.

Tiller not only tracks daily expenses and helps you stay on budget, but he also monitors your debt repayment strategy. It all starts with linking Tiller to your bank accounts, credit cards and investments.

As soon as your accounts are linked, Tiller automatically categorizes transactions for you, or you can categorize them yourself. If you want specific expense categories, you will have the option to include them.

One cool thing that Tiller allows you to do is divide transactions into multiple categories. For example, let’s say you shop for groceries and school supplies for the kids in the same store. The Tiller Splitter add-on allows you to split expenses between different categories. For example, you might want half of it listed under “groceries” and the other half under “education expenses”.

Tiller has a “Create Your Own” feature which allows you to create your own financial models and reports. One of the best things about Tiller is the growing number of free personal finance templates available. The great thing about this free template library is that you can experiment with different designs until you find what works for you.

Finally, Tiller makes it easy to share your recordings. This can be useful if you are working with an accountant during tax season.

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