Redpoint Global Shifts to Data Quality as a Service


Redpoint Global, a customer data management provider, released In Situ, a data quality as a service tool that also performs identity resolution and some automated data governance operations.

In Situ uses an ID chart for identity resolution, to reconcile the multiple identities that customers often create with a business when they log in from different devices or touchpoints – making data “dirty” “- in a gold record.

The name In situ is a Latin expression meaning ‘in place’ and refers to how the service works: analyzing cloud-based data in place, where it resides, as a service without the need to risk security and move the data to another cloud server to run them. Leaving the data in place was the main customer demand as Redpoint Global created the service, which normalizes and standardizes data to improve personalization, said CTO and co-founder George Corugedo.

Gartner analyst Melody Chien said that while users will most likely initially apply the tools to customer data, it could be extended to the related datasets that appear in customer interactions. Some examples include partner data, transactional data, supplier data, and product data.

Customers typically introduce data hygiene issues as they reach out to businesses through marketplaces like Amazon, physical stores, websites, and other channels. Not only do customers enter their own data inconsistently, but employees such as cashiers and salespeople also do so when entering data on behalf of customers. In Situ users can apply automated data hygiene tools to clean up issues that are primarily caused by human error, according to Chien.

“Redpoint has recognized that these are really, really important capabilities here, and they want to deploy them in the customer management scenario,” Chien said. “I see this as the greatest strength of their platform.”

Redpoint is not the premier provider of Data Quality as a Service, or DQaaS. Chien said this area of ​​enterprise technology is still in its infancy, which is also occupied by companies that are ahead of Redpoint, such as Talend and Innovative Systems.

Redpoint Global is part of a dynamic industry of cloud providers who manage customer data and perform credential management to create a unique customer record. Identifying resolution is a big part of it. Most of the competing vendors are called Customer Data Platforms, but not Redpoint. Chien said it was probably fair for Redpoint to avoid the label and not want to be placed in that category, as the company’s platform does so much more than manage credentials en route to more granular personalization, including data hygiene.

“The problem I have with ‘CDP’ is that you talk to 10 different people and they have 10 different definitions for it,” Corugedo said. “What we launched on day one of entering the market was to create a virtuous circle around data analytics and action capabilities, because that’s the fundamental way to monetize data in business. “

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