RDOS Offering FireSmart Ratings

The Okanagan-Similkameen Regional District (RDOS) FireSmart Team offers free neighborhood wildfire risk assessments to people living in strata, manufactured homes and gated communities. The process encourages neighbors to work together using FireSmart principles to help protect their home and neighborhood during a wildfire.

Now is the time to take action to protect your property, not when the fire is across the road. “By booking your free neighborhood assessment, you are taking a first step towards protecting your home and neighborhood from the risk of wildfire,” said Kerry Riess, RDOS FireSmart Coordinator. “A member of the RDOS FireSmart team will visit your community to assess the risks and help you put a plan in place.”

The RDOS FireSmart team has expanded its services to create the strata and neighborhood assessment process. This involves assessing the community’s wildfire risk and recommending proactive actions to improve a home’s chances of survival.

The FireSmart Neighborhood Assessment focuses on the home’s vulnerability to embers and small surface fires, the condition of the structures themselves, immediate hazards in the area, and concerns presented by common/open spaces or adjacent public lands. The assessment also considers factors including house construction, general landscaping, neighborhood slope and aspect, and housing density.

For more information, please visit firesmart.rdos.bc.ca

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