Pay rises on Town Meeting role at Chesterfield

Posted: 2022-05-06 23:37:04

Modified: 06/05/2022 23:35:34

CHESTERFIELD – The annual town meeting is scheduled for Monday, where voters will decide on issues such as borrowing for new vehicles and raising salaries for town workers.

“I think it’s a pretty simple mandate,” said board chairman Roger Fuller.

The municipal meeting will be held at 403 Main Road at the Town Hall building starting at 7:00 p.m. The mandate contains 21 articles.

Some of the questions being asked of voters include approving a loan for a $240,000 excavator, $65,000 for a fire chief’s vehicle and $300,000 for a 10-wheel dump truck.

There is also a request to raise and allocate $75,000 to the Stabilization Fund for the maintenance of school buildings, as well as another request to allocate $180,000 to the Capital Projects Stabilization Fund.

“We tried to build these funds,” Fuller said.

In the finance committee report for the town assembly, the committee states that the town is in good financial health and that the $921,882 in free cash the town had in November of last year, when this free cash was been certified by the State, were the highest. it had been years.

The finance committee report also notes the targeted salary increases that voters will decide for the city clerk, director of the council on aging, librarian, transfer post attendant, treasurer, city caretaker and tax collector. taxes, as well as road workers and city police. Additionally, a 3% increase in the cost of living is also offered for city employees who did not get targeted raises.

The total operating budget recommended by the Finance Committee for fiscal year 2023, which begins July 1, is $4.54 million, up from the $4.23 million approved for fiscal year 2022. It is also slightly higher than the $4.51 million requested by the departments.

Finance committee co-chair Lee Manchester noted that reduced school assessments at Hampshire Regional High School and Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School have given the town more flexibility this year.

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