US Senator Roger Marshall kicked off the event with opening remarks to the delegation of over 60 patient advocates. The group participates in roundtables on Capitol Hill on issues such as biosimilar development and insurance benefit design, then meets in small groups with lawmakers to share their personal stories of navigating the healthcare system. complex health as a patient with a chronic disease.

Patients are asking for support for the following policy priorities that will improve access to care:

  • Safe Step Act of 2021 (HR 2163/S. 464) ensure safe and effective access to the best treatments for patients, allowing patients to receive doctor-recommended treatments and preventing non-medical drug switching by insurers.
  • The BENEFIT Act of 2021 (HR 4472/S. 373) would improve transparency and accountability at the Food and Drug Administration by requiring evidence of patient input in risk/benefit assessments of treatments.
  • Improving Timely Access to Care for Seniors Act of 2021 (HR 3173/S. 3018) Prioritize patient access to care by streamlining prior authorization processes.
  • 2022 Food and Drug Amendments (HR7667) would facilitate effective testing and reduce the costs of life-saving drugs.
  • Pharmacy Benefits Manager Transparency Act of 2022 (S.4293) would hold intermediaries in the drug supply chain accountable for practices that increase the cost of pharmaceutical products.
  • HELP Copays Act (HR5801) reduce out-of-pocket expenses for patients.
  • Protecting Healthcare for All Patients Act 2022 (HR 7634) would eliminate the use of discriminatory health parameters in federal programs.

“More than half of adults in the United States suffer from chronic illnesses and endure the daily effects of outdated health care policies. They are now looking to Congress for change,” said Terry Wilcox, executive director of Patients Rising Now. “Patients struggle to pay huge fees, navigate confusing bureaucratic insurance processes, and access needed treatments. They are tired of not being at the table when policy decisions are made, so we go directly to lawmakers to make positive change happen.”

The fly-in opened in Washington with an event featuring health policy discussion panels and roundtables on policy issues including the pending reauthorization of the FDA user fee change, drug supply chain transparency and the accelerated availability of life-saving treatments. Patients Rising Now Advocacy Masterclass graduates were also honored at the event. The fourth class of graduating patients immersed themselves in a 15-week course to learn legislative policy and become advocates for patients with chronic conditions.

Patients are increasing now

Patients Rising Now works with patients to advocate for access to the treatments, innovations and care they need. Her programming efforts focus on educating patients about the legislative process and empowering them to advocate for reforms to advance patient access, affordability and transparency in healthcare.

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