Newslaundry’s creepy writer who called for rape


A tweet went viral on Thursday where Newslaundry and The Print columnist Aveek Sen could be seen calling for the rape of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

In the 2013 tweet that went viral, Aveek Sen was seen quoting TimesNow, claiming that Mamata Banerjee called the Barasat rapists “supporters of CPIM.” To this, Aveek Sen responded by saying: “It is high time that these supporters of the CPM violate Mamta!”

Aveek Sen makes a disgusting comment

The comment went viral after Aveek Sen launched a campaign to suspend non-left Twitter accounts. One of its main targets was “The Skin Doctor”, which was suspended from the platform. But Sen was not happy with the outcome and wanted Twitter to suspend those who retweeted or “liked” his tweets.

After launching his campaign, many tweets from him went viral on the platform. In the tweets, he could be seen using offensive language against his detractors and others.

Source: Twitter

The tweets demonstrate a virulent hatred for “The Skin Doctor” and contained vicious abuse of women.

Source: Twitter

There are countless tweets where he made abusive comments.

Source: Twitter

Sen made several tweets objecting to women.

Source: Twitter

Some of the tweets he made are really shocking.

Source: Twitter

His tweets reveal that there is no bottom he won’t stoop to.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Many others presented their own stories about Aveek Sen and their interactions with him. Filmmaker Manish Mundra has revealed he was approached by Sen to finance his film.

Creepy pervert writer bangs Baloch woman

In a particular case, Aveek Sen harassed a woman who appeared to be a Baloch. After the woman thanked Sen for his support for the Baluchi, her line of questions turned into extremely frightening behavior. He asked her if she was married and her age.

Source: @ NazHatoon / Twitter

Right after that, Sen asked her if she was on WhatsApp. When the woman refused to share her number, he told her it was to confirm his identity and because he wanted to “support his cause”.

Source: @ NazHatoon / Twitter

Then he asked for his photograph. At this point, it was clear that she was uncomfortable with the whole conversation, but he continued to persist. The conversation ended with him expressing a desire to meet her, which she did not respond to.

But our ‘knight in shining armor’ was not to be discouraged, he started telling her he liked her, then a ‘answer me ?????????????????? ‘ and a ‘you there?’ The interaction ended unceremoniously with a middle finger emoji of Sen.

Source: @ NazHatoon / Twitter

Aveek Sen and the Saath team

Team Saath, the pseudonym associated with actor Sushant Singh, who had participated in the anti-CAA protests that led to the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi, claims that they “approached” Aveek Sen as they were working for the “same cause”. ”. The Saath team has also regularly doxed people from the non-left and waged hate campaigns against those who are ideologically aligned with the non-left and support Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, the Saath team which regularly stalks people said they were “wrong to approach him” because he called for the rape of Mamata Banerjee. They even asked for his account to be suspended.

To this, Aveek Sen responded standing up with his tweet which called for the rape of Bengal CM. Sen also runs @hateSWATteam, which claims to be a “SWAT team against hate and fake messages”.

Sen, who uses Excel sheets and databases to harass and suspend non-left Twitter accounts, is also a columnist for ThePrint and Newslaundry.

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