New NetLease product makes ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliance more accessible


As an embedded solution on the NetSuite platform, NetLease Go is quick and easy to install. Within minutes of installation and configuration, accountants can follow intuitive forms to enter leases, generate amortization schedules and disclosure reports for ASC 842, IFRS 16 and GASB 87 with a full audit trail. NetLease Go is a native application on the NetSuite platform.

NetLease Go Free allows businesses to use essential NetLease Go functionality and upgrade seamlessly. By offering a zero-cost entry-level solution, Netgain seeks to make FASB and IFRS lease compliance accessible to businesses of all sizes. “We created a free version of NetLease so that no accounting department would have to switch to these complex new standards using spreadsheets,” says Riches.

The upgrade, NetLease Go, includes critical functionality for managing, forecasting and reporting the complexity of actual leases. Standard lease changes, scope reductions, and ROU write-downs are huge time savers. Small accounting departments saved 16-20 hours per month by managing over 70 leases with NetLease instead of using spreadsheets. For large organizations, these savings keep growing.

For those who need multiple books or want full accounting automation up to GL, NetLease Max, Netgain’s enterprise solution is the complete package. For those who just need the disclosures requested by their auditors, Netgain offers NetLease Complete: an externally managed rental accounting solution that uses automation to deliver compliance documentation within three business days.

About Netgain

Netgain is focused on creating native NetSuite solutions that address complex financial and accounting challenges. At their core, they are accountants focused on simplifying, standardizing and automating solutions with an emphasis on controls and auditability.

If you want to learn more about NetLease Go or Netgain, check out their website.

SOURCE Netgain Solutions

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