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SYRACUSE, NY – City of Syracuse powers smart city tools it uses to respond to snow. As the snow moves towards central New York City, Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh wants to remind residents how they can stay informed about weather conditions and the city’s snow removal operations.

The City is launching a multi-faceted winter weather operations tool for staff and residents this season. The tool is a real-time data processing engine that produces an online map that allows residents to actively monitor street snow removal; an internal fleet management system for the city’s public works department to track plows and resources; and an operational dashboard for the City to measure performance and improve operating costs. Residents can access the new snow removal card on the city’s Snow Safety page at

“Harsh winter is coming later than usual this year, but we can count on receiving significant amounts of snow in Syracuse,” said Mayor Walsh. “We can use our growing smart city capabilities to equip residents with the right tools to help them navigate safely and easily through the winter. The data and knowledge that our snow operations team will derive from the tool will also allow us to provide services to residents in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

The real-time snow removal map on the Snow Safety page gives residents the ability to see which streets have been cleared and on what date. It also shows the locations of illegally parked cars that are preventing plows from clearing a street. With this map, residents can check where and when the streets were cleared to make informed decisions before moving in snowy conditions.

Launched in 2018 by the City’s Office of Accountability, Performance and Innovation, the original live map was well received and began to shape the City’s strategy for service-based service delivery. data. To expand the tool’s public and internal capabilities, the City has partnered with Esri, the mapping and data analysis company that produces the software behind the tool. This pilot program is one of the first in the country and will help the city of Syracuse develop performance measures to improve snow management operations. The data-driven framework developed for this tool will also help generate proactive and efficient delivery of other city-wide services.

Residents can find the rest of the snow management information on the City’s Snow Safety web page. The page includes tips on how and where residents can report their problems; and information on City snow removal operations, parking law enforcement and sidewalk snow removal orders. The City also updated its “Snow Issues Tracker,” an online tool that allows residents to report unhooked sidewalks and illegally parked cars.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mayor Walsh will be available at the Department of Public Works garage at 1200 Canal Street Extension for media interviews regarding the plow map and snow response at 10:30 a.m. on Friday morning January 7. Please contact Kelly Montague at kmontague @ or (315-263-2467) to schedule an interview with the mayor.


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