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  • January 30, 2022
  • 08:14

The spreadsheet was the first flagship application that drove the adoption of computers in the workplace and showed how they could improve everyday life. Despite this, few of us realize what a powerful productivity tool Excel can be. The complete Excel package: starter toolkit offers 14 courses that show you how to use Excel to manage data sets and be more productive.

Presented by expert instructors, including Microsoft Certified Trainer Kyle Pew, each of these 14 courses is self-paced and features projects you can complete on another screen, practicing the skills demonstrated as you go. they unfold. They are also timed to be easy to pick up when you have a break or free time to learn, available from any modern browser.

For those completely new to Excel, the course begins with a brief overview of the basics and how to use it in daily life. Then you can learn about basic formulas, data visualization, text functions and logic function, with a course on each, to develop your technique and master Excel. Classes are designed for both the complete novice and people who just need to cool off after some time away from the exercise book.

From this foundational knowledge, the set provides ways to explore advanced data visualization, data analysis and dashboard reporting, large spreadsheet management, search functions, statistical analysis, and much more. There are also courses on Excel for Business Leaders and Advanced Financial Modeling, for those looking for the business side as well as the data science aspects.

As data becomes more mainstream, knowing how to manage it will be key to success at work. The complete Excel package: starter toolkit offers the training you need to manage this data for $39, which is 98% off the MSRP of $2,800.

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