Lotus Windows 11 and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services approach

Windows 11: no problem with this version

As a user of Lotus Approach since its introduction in the early 1990s, this program transcended all changes to the Microsoft operating system without a hitch until I recently had to switch to the ‘Microsoft Remote’ operating system. Desktop Services’ of 2016.

The major problem I encountered is that the following macros are not working

1. The Macro Sendkey command does not work.

2. The Import Macro command causes the APR file to crash when removing the macro after making the field mapping changes. If I don’t have to make any design changes, the macro works fine.

What I tried as a workaround for Import Macro.

1. Disabled “Show data”

2. Create a new macro, then attempt to map fields and crash

3. I tried a dummy DBF file with a field and tried setting up a simple import and it crashed

4. It doesn’t matter what type of file you are trying to import

5. Using the latest approach downloaded from the US Government National Archives. All fix packs included

My workaround:

Update my deposited mapping on my local machine running Windows 11 and then upload it to the remote Microsoft server. It’s painful because I find my spreadsheets change frequently and I have over 20 of them that I import every month.

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