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Nyamasheke cells in western province have seen lockdown lifted

The Ministry of Local Government (Minaloc) announced the lifting of the total COVID-19 lockdown of several cells in the country where movement was limited to control the spread of the pandemic.

According to the press release, from August 17, the containment linked to COVID-19 will be lifted for three villages of the Tetero cell in the Muhima sector, Nyarugenge district of Kigali city, namely: Indamutsa, Intiganda and Tetero.

The same is true of the Ruhunga cell in the Kibirizi sector and the Kigeme cell in the Gasaka sector in the Nyamagabe district. However, the village of Gakoma in Gasaka will remain in total containment.

The village of Gakome welcomes Burundian refugees.

“The village of Gakoma will stay at home until the health assessment proves there is no longer a COVID-19 pandemic,” the statement read.

In Nyamasheke district neighboring Rusizi district where movement is only allowed within the district, the cells of Munuga, Gitwe, Butare and Jarama in Gihombo sector have seen the total lockdown lifted.

“Those in still landlocked villages are urged to respect the instructions intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” read the statement signed by the Minister of Local Government, Professor Anastase Shyaka.

Until August 16, Rwanda had recorded 2,437 cases of COVID-19, 1,648 recoveries and 797 active cases.

On Friday, August 14, the cabinet postponed the earlier suggested date of reopening schools to September to conduct more health assessments and enable preparations that will help fight COVID-19 in schools.

The number of new cases remains high in high-risk categories, particularly in Kigali and Rusizi districts.


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