Kitsumon launches NFT farming gameplay

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Kitsumon has announced the launch of its breeding mainnet, showing the significant progress made by the game project since its testnet announcement on June 14, 2022, and hundreds of users also testing this aspect of gameplay during this period. , which is now available .

Breeding hybrid kitsus

The breeding mainnet allows players to create “Hybrid Kitsus”, which are the combination of two NFTs of Kitsu creatures. The offspring created inherit genetic elements through digital DNA technology, providing over 17 trillion possible outcomes.

Players can get their hands on Egg NFTs through Kitsumon’s in-app marketplace and hatch those eggs into Kitsu NFTs through the KitsuDex. If players have infinite potions, they can then use those consumables to create a hybrid Kitsu by breeding, which can be purchased through the dedicated potions page.

The creation of Kitsus also encourages battles within the eventual MOBA, as well as player engagement and revenue generation for users. Breeding also promotes “bloodline royalties”, which is a royalty reward system built into the DNA of all Kitsus by their creators. When a Kitsu is created, it is imprinted with up to three creator addresses and formulates a micro-ecosystem with income capabilities.

Players can also generate their own referral code through the new Player Rewards Dashboard, where they can get bonus rewards for everyone who gets potions through their unique link. Potions are an essential element for breeding to occur.

Kitsumon CEO James Kirkby had this to say:

“It has been a few months of continuous hard work and development by the entire Kitsumon team. We have seen the entire crypto market in a bear cycle and this has been a unique opportunity to refine and take things to a new level in the background. We’re proud of the incredible accomplishments this year so far and now with the addition of a massive gameplay feature, such as farming, the go-live not only fulfills a milestone, but also our continuing promise. our fans and users to continuously develop and bring out exciting gameplay aspects of our game”.

Kitsumon is an NFT game about collecting, raising and maintaining adorable Kitsu pets. From fun professions like farming, fishing, cooking, and an in-depth NFT farming system, to MOBA PvP modes and land acquisition.

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