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Every Sunday morning during the season is the same for Bills defensive tackle Justin Zimmer. You’ll need to make it to Highmark Stadium early enough to see Zimmer start his game day routine.

Perpetually one of the first players to come out of the locker room, he walks down the tunnel and heads to his left once he reaches the pitch. And for sure, you can find him every time on the Bills sideline, right next to the five-yard line closest to the tunnel, well out of the way where anyone could disrupt their cycle. pre-game. There are markers carved into the floor for the media which he uses to his advantage for the representatives. Zimmer laughs when you mention it.

“I’m a routine guy,” he jokes. “My wife will tell you. She hates it sometimes. But yeah, I love my routines and I have to stick with it and try to figure out what I need to improve on and then try to focus on it.

It’s not just game days. Zimmer also robotically spits out his pre-workout routine.

“I go out 25 to 30 minutes earlier each day. I’m going to see our boxes that we have over there on the D line, ”Zimmer began. “It depends on the accent of the day, so today was the third try, so I’ve done just about all the rushing moves that I love, use regularly, and try to visualize exactly where the lineman would be. I make this move, what’s my meter on it. I’m going to do it from the three-way technique, I’m going to do it from the nose tackle… I’m just going to go through it for about 20, 25 minutes trying to get whatever could possibly happen, so that when I see him on the ground, nothing surprises me anymore.

Routines are just part of what makes Zimmer more than just a list defensive tackle.

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