Jefferson County SPCA Sees Rare Event: All Dogs Adopted


WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – Imagine going to a pet shelter and not seeing a dog. This was the case at the Jefferson County SPCA.

The shelter currently has a dog on its adoption board. That’s one more than what the SPCA had over the weekend when the group announced they were able to place all of their dogs in homes forever.

In her first year with the SPCA, Assistant Director Caitlyn Alberry says this is a first.

“It’s new to us,” she said.

Alberry says the SPCA attributes much of the success to the staff and volunteers who prepare the dogs for potential adopters.

“A lot of our dogs are in better mental condition so they are more adoptable when people arrive,” she said.

Alberry says they’ve done a lot more behavioral assessments before taking in dogs, making sure the atmosphere at the shelter is the best place for them as opposed to possible foster care or d ‘other options.

“Rather than having this terrified dog in the back of the kennel, we can make sure he finds himself in a situation that will work best and find him a home as quickly as possible,” she said.

The space has also received numerous calls from people looking to bring their pets for update photos. This is because many local vets lack the capacity to bring in new patients.

Alberry says the SPCA hopes to start its own immunization clinics in the near future.

“We are currently in the process of looking for a new vet tech, so we hope to start again in November just because the demand is so high,” she said.

Alberry says she doesn’t know when more dogs will be available, but the SPCA is starting to contact other local shelters with higher capacities to see if they can help get some of the dogs out of their hands.

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