Is there any Congressional control over the $41 billion given to Ukraine since May 21?

An Open Letter to Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA): Is there congressional scrutiny over the $41 billion given to Ukraine since May 21?

Dear Senator Warner:

Thank you for your message Thursday morning. However, you haven’t answered my most important question about congressional oversight or financial accountability when it comes to our proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. In fact, I respectively think that you deliberately ignored my question because you are embarrassed to admit the truth. Frankly, the modified form letter I read insulted my intelligence and annoyed me.

If I may digress briefly, in case you thought my question was trivial, Russia has about 6,000 nuclear weapons pointed in our direction. Their main targets include all big american city, railway hub, satellites, submarines and about 800 US military bases overseas. Their targets also involve cyberattacks and a nuclear EMP burst in order to destroy our electrical grid, which would make the United States work like it did in 1872.

Right now, a plethora of Russian nuclear submarines in the Atlantic can easily wipe out every major city on the east coast from Boston to Miami in less than six minutes, which would most likely happen between midnight and 5 a.m. in the morning. Use your imagination to see how identical submarines in the Pacific would cause similar annihilation in every major West Coast city from Seattle to San Diego, as well as Anchorage, Pearl Harbor and beyond. No city or nuclear silo, regardless of the time zone from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Guam, would survive such a nuclear attack.

Russian nuclear warheads would be aimed particularly Mount WeatherVirginia, crow’s rockPennsylvania, Camp DavidMaryland, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, and the countless other “secret” presidential bunkers in the fifty states unknown to 99.99% of all Americans. These same warheads would most certainly target Capitol Hill, the White House and the Pentagon everything the original quadrants of Washington DC into one or more huge lunar or Martian craters, which would instantly decapitate the entire federal government, including you, Senator.

I have a fundamental question. Are there any American clerks or accountants who have basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, keeping track of of the $41 billion that Congress has given to Ukraine since May 21? Who exactly tracks these debits and credits on a spreadsheet or maybe in an old-fashioned ledger? It’s not a complicated question. I also read that Congress gave Ukraine $54 billion in “assistance” since December 2021. That’s a heck of a lot of money in my opinion.

I have a second question. How many billions of dollars and military, economic and humanitarian aid have the twenty-nine other prosperous NATO countries, especially Canada, Britain, France and Germany, given to the Ukraine since December 2021? I would be totally shocked if the dollar amount exceeded $5 billion.

If so, why is the United States carrying the financial burden of NATO in Central and Eastern Europe when our real strategic threat comes from Communist China both in the South China Sea and especially in Taiwan? ? To say otherwise is both naive and stupid. Thank you to enlighten me.

However, please do NOT tell me that the task of Congressional scrutiny or financial accountability funded by 144,300,000 hard-working federal taxpayers are the sole responsibility of Ukraine’s wildly corrupt bureaucrats, oligarchs and generals, whose nation is led by a former comedian, Volodymyr Zelensky, who is usually dressed in a tight olive green t-shirt, to short sleeves and macho muscles. Did you know that Ukraine is considered the third most corrupt country across Europe after Russia and Azerbaijan since April 2019?

I unfortunately wonder what the black market price is for a Stinger missile with a launcher, which would be in huge demand by terrorists such as ISIS, Hezbollah and Hamas? A corrupt Ukrainian oligarch or general could easily make $350,000 or more from such a “sale”. You, Mr. Senator, should certainly know this black market price since you are the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

If there’s no Congressional scrutiny of the $54 billion given to Ukraine since December 2021, as I suspect there will be, I don’t exactly feel thrilled and thrilled that American taxpayers’ money is between such stellar and honest financial hands. Today, Washington recalls the opposite total of this venerable and trustworthy welfare 1981 Smith Barney Advertisement with John Houseman on sound financial management. I’m just wondering when did $54 billion become bargaining chips in the United States Senate?

You, senator, should be able to easily answer this question since you serve on the three Senate committees of Banking, Budget and Finance, which almost makes you a authentic financial assistant.

It strongly strikes me that our military, humanitarian and economic aid to Ukraine, which is initially transferred to Poland or another neighboring NATO country, crosses the Ukrainian border and essentially descends into a long financial black hole without no congressional oversight. Am I right?

If so, billions of US Treasury dollars could potentially be wasted when our current rate of inflation is truly much higher 8.6%, and Joe Biden’s dire economic policies will most likely lead to a painful recession for the average American.

I wonder what percentage of our billions of Ukrainian aid dollars is likely to end up in secret Swiss bank accounts? I ask this question because Ukraine will most likely lose this war of attrition despite all the upbeat comments and happy words from our “brilliant” Pentagon Generals Milley and Austin, not to mention our “esteemed ones”. cognitive disorders commander-in-chief, who has become our worst president since the reckless James Buchanan occupied the White House from March 4, 1857 to March 4, 1861.

I would appreciate an answer to my two questions. After all, the US national debt is currently more $30.5 trillion, and is expected to rise much faster in the immediate future since the Federal Reserve raised the benchmark federal funds rate by 0.75% on June 15.

I propose that if the national debt exceeds $31 billion, all congressional pensions should be cut by 50%. What do you think of my proposal, senator? I think my proposal would certainly induce a lot of legislative collaboration between Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

Although the Republican-ruled United States may support a modest increase in our national debt for the foreseeable future, a large part of our Empire foreign or Pax Americana cannot, and geopolitical vacuums do not last very long. This would be especially true today in the Indo-Pacific region. The Recent Economic and Naval Crisis of Communist China forays to solomon islands and other South Pacific islands northeast of Australia are prime examples.

I emailed my local twice Congressman Ben Cline (R-VA) from the 6th congressional district regarding these same questions over the past month, but so far I have received no response. Maybe you can help me?


Robert L. Maronic / Roanoke

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