HyperloopTT wins notable investor, Thornton Tomasetti, after risk and security assessment

Global scientific and technical consulting firm Thornton Tomasetti has invested in HyperloopTT after completing a security and risk review that began in 2020. The deal is a good sign that HyperloopTT is making notable progress towards creating a a successful hyperloop system.

Thornton Tomasetti has been in business since 1949 and since then they have become a leader in performing computational fluid dynamics and solid mechanics analyzes and safety assessments. This makes him very capable of judging HyperloopTT’s shots with a high degree of skill.

Pawel Woelke led the project for Thornton Tomasetti and he detailed the challenges regarding hyperloop transport. “Because the hyperloop is an entirely new system, the technical challenges require innovative thinking. In close collaboration with the HyperloopTT team, we have systematically assessed the risks and developed several practical and novel solutions aimed at reducing the risks. »

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During the risk and safety assessment, Thornton Tomasetti performed a host of detailed simulations based on a variety of conditions, including thermodynamics, gas dispersion, capsule and battery safety, blast and drip effects. impact and material selection. The results of his work will inform the next design iteration of the key system elements that HyperloopTT is working on.

HyperloopTT CEO Andrés De León characterized the investment saying, “Passenger safety is the most important part of any transportation system. We have placed this principle at the heart of our design by utilizing best practices from the rail, aviation and other related industries and employing the expertise of leading professionals in these fields. The completion of this latest safety analysis carried out in partnership with the experts at Thornton Tomasetti allows us to take the next steps in our passenger and cargo systems.

Founded in 2013, HyperloopTT is truly a global company headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and Toulouse, France. The latter is the site where it houses its full-scale test system. The company says it is confident the system is technically feasible, but will also generate profits without the need for government subsidies. HyperloopTT is just one of many companies expanding into this space, with Elon Musk’s Boring Company and Virgin being among the largest investors in this promising technology.

If the transport system comes to fruition, it would certainly be revolutionary. HyperloopTT says it believes it can carry passengers safely and comfortably at around 760 mph (1,223 km/h). Here’s hoping they pull it off, because it looks like a great ride.

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