How to insert text and format captions in Google Sheets


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Check how to insert text and format captions in Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are incredible tools for generating, storing, manipulating, and analyzing digital data. However, not everyone can take a look at a column of numbers and understand the process or underlying knowledge from which those numbers are derived. As a result, spreadsheets, like Google Sheets, have had charting capabilities pretty much since their inception during the Lotus 1-2-3 era.

Google Sheets is a free, cloud-based spreadsheet that can be accessed from a desktop or mobile device. As a result, you can create, edit, and collaborate online anytime, anywhere. Simple yet powerful graphical components are included in Google Sheets. This tutorial will show how to add charts to Google Sheets, as well as how to change the chart legend and other chart elements.

It is not difficult to work with graphics. All you need is some data to work with, a chart created with Sheets’ built-in chart tool, a clearly readable legend, and the chart inserted into the spreadsheet. To continue this course, you can either produce your own data or create a new sheet and use the existing data as examples.

How to add text and captions in Google Sheets?

Add a tag caption

  • First, enter your chart data into a column or row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • Hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor over the entered data to select it.
  • Click Insert> Chart to add the chart to the sheet.
  • Click the Chart Type drop-down menu to select one of the pie chart types to add a label legend to.
  • Click the Add Label box and select the range of cells that includes the data for your chart. The graph will then display the data value labels like the one from the snapshot just below.
  • Add tag area add word caption in google sheets
  • You can remove the caption from the label by unchecking the Use column as labels check box.

Edit text in a caption

  • To edit the legend label text, double-click a chart label. Double clicking on a tag will select them all and open the options shown directly below.
  • Double clicking on a caption tag a second time will open a small text box with which you can edit the tag text.
  • You can select an alternative font for the labels by clicking on the Legend font drop-down menu in the sidebar of the graphic editor.
  • Click the B and I button in the Text Style box to apply bold and italic formatting to all labels.
  • Click the Text Color box to choose a different text color.
  • Click the Caption font size drop-down menu to increase or decrease the text size of all labels.

Change the placement of legend labels

  • To change the position of the legend, click the Custom tab in the sidebar of the graphics editor.
  • Click Legend to expand more options.
  • Then select Top, Bottom, Left, or Right from the Position drop-down menu to replace the legend with a legend that does not display percentage value labels for pie charts.
  • Double-click a specific value in the legend to select it.
  • You can then apply a specific text format to the selected value with the options in the sidebar of the graphic editor.

So you can add and edit tag captions in Google spreadsheet tables. Data labels that display these legends are essential for charts.

Final words: How to insert text and format captions in Google Sheets

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