How to Get a Job at Software Startup Airtable’s First London Office

  • Airtable, known for its spreadsheet software, is hiring up to 70 people in its new London office.
  • The company recruits for positions in sales, marketing, human resources and finance.
  • Insider spoke with Airtable’s hiring manager to find out how to land a job at the office.

San Francisco software startup Airtable is opening its first international headquarters in London and plans to hire up to 70 people.

The tech company, founded in 2012, is best known for its popular and easy-to-use cloud-based spreadsheet software. The hype around the company propelled it to an $11 billion valuation after corporate giant Salesforce and Michael Dell, Dell’s founder, invested in it last year.

Insider’s Paayal Zaveri reported in 2020 that the software has gained cult following from fans who use the app for project management and productivity. It has since grown into a no-code/low-code platform.

air table

The Airtable spreadsheet.

air table

Airtable’s clients include European companies Monzo and Red Bull and 80% of the Fortune 100.

After expanding during the pandemic, the company opens its first offices in Europe and hires. Open roles are a variety of sales reps and customer success managers, as well as roles that support customer-facing roles in business development, lead generation, human resources, and finance support.

The company does not disclose salaries in its London job listings, but disclosure data on its foreign labor hires in the United States, analyzed by Insider, gives an indicator of what top talent may to earn.

According to this data, a San Francisco customer success manager at Airtable received a base salary of $122,637 in 2021, and a marketing operations manager received a base salary of $282,000. The highest paid role, according to the data, was a technical manager in San Francisco, who received a base salary of $350,000.

Airtable is a growing business, and the company says those who join its London team can expect tasks that go beyond the job description, startup-style, while playing a important role in shaping its future.

Insider spoke with Airtable hiring manager Marta Pinilla Aguilar to find out how to land a role in the new office.

Be prepared for more than an interview

Pinilla Aguilar told Insider that the company plans to look beyond the traditional interview process to assess candidates.

“Our goal is to try to get away from the interview and really understand what their job is, what they did and how they did it,” she said.

“Maintenance is a skill,” she added. “So people are better than others at interviews or have more experience.”

To combat this disparity: “We use a lot of behavioral interview questions. Do you ask about what you have done in the past? How did you do it? In addition to leveraging work samples.”

For sales positions, candidates should also expect to demonstrate their skills.

“Candidates essentially introduce Airtable to a group of interviewers as they would if they were a representative in the role,” Pinilla Aguilar said.

Candidates’ skills are also assessed on experience rather than qualifications.

“We’re looking for a signal that the person has done similar work in the past” or held a position with transferable skills, Pinilla Aguilar said.

Personal skills are important

Pinilla Aguilar said the recruitment process will not focus on academic backgrounds or specific work experience. Instead, certain cultural and personal attributes in candidates are most sought after.

“I would say what’s most important to us is hiring skills and attributes that really align with our cultural values ​​as a company,” she said. “We really do assess things like that in an interview because ultimately, someone’s scope of work can change a lot over time.”

Humility, a learning spirit and an entrepreneurial spirit are some of the main qualities she highlighted.

To stand out in the interview process, a candidate must “demonstrate and show a sign of collaboration, teamwork, because in any high-growth environment, especially when you’re starting an office, you really bond with your colleagues and all helping each other.”

Experience is not everything

For those with less experience, there are more junior roles, such as a business development representative for the sales department.

“It’s a great role for someone who has maybe one to two years of work experience and is interested in growth and sales,” Pinilla Aguilar said.

Larger roles involve managing partnerships, communicating with some of the biggest clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and determining growth.

The company is also thinking about career progression, Pinilla Aguilar said.

“We have a clear path from the more junior roles to the top positions,” she said. “We’ve seen people progress in these different roles here in the States and we’re excited to see what we’re doing in London.”

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