How the SciNote Electronic Lab Notebook Keeps Your Research Organized and Accessible

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Suppose you are working on a major scientific manuscript. Do you easily find the information you need among your paper notes? In this case, an electronic lab notebook (or ELN) is a much easier way to keep track of procedures, results, notes, and other scientific data using your devices. Unlike traditional paper notebooks, ELN provides enhanced data management practices and protocols.

Additionally, in many cases, electronic lab notebooks can ensure scientific data security, inventory management, team collaboration, and regulatory compliance. These can help organize your search much more easily.

The SciNote Digital Lab Notebook has these features to keep your research in one place.

What is an electronic lab notebook?

An electronic lab notebook (ELN) functions like a paper lab notebook in its basic form. But unlike paper notebooks, you can collect and save documents about your research through your digital devices wherever you are. Additionally, you can easily add many different file types to your ELN – Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, photos of your experimental setup, or graphs of your analysis. You will no longer need to print them out and cut and paste these materials into your paper notebooks.

These days, an ELN is more than a digital copy of your lab notebook. Many products offer features such as inventory management and more to make lab management much easier.

As a digital solution, lab notebook software can centralize critical information about your studies in one place. From this platform, you can analyze the data and share it securely with your colleagues. As it is accessible online, it is easy to search data and retrieve information for scientific reproducibility.

Best Electronic Lab Notebook

SciNote provides an FDA, NIH, USDA, and European Commission approved electronic lab notebook. More than 90,000 academic, government, industry and start-up researchers use it worldwide.


(Photo: Screenshot from official SciNote website)

You can easily organize all your lab work with SciNote. To stay on track with all members of the research team, you can review your work progress with an overview of ongoing tasks, responsibilities, and impending deadlines via SciNote’s handy dashboard. To quickly see projects and dependencies, you can map your workflow processes in SciNote using a three-layer data structure (projects-experiments-tasks) and templates.

To keep everyone informed and coordinated, you can participate in real-time contact with your colleagues by tagging them, providing feedback, or following notifications. Then, use annotations and comments to cross-reference the data and simply go back to the information you are looking for.

Moreover, you can easily create reports that will help you summarize the progress of your work, draw conclusions and define what remains to be done. This is shareable with others in pdf or docx format.

Additionally, you can turn a workflow consisting of tasks that need to be done in the correct order into a template using SciNote, if you need to duplicate or reuse larger work.

With SciNote, you can consider using the free ELN version suitable for personal use, or the premium version with many other tools and a professional customer success manager to ensure your unique needs are met. You can expect these following features from the SciNote Free Electronic Lab Notebook:

Features of the free version of SciNote

SciNotes free electronic lab notebook is intended for personal use. This suits you best if you are a student working on your thesis or a post-doc developing your research projects. It simplifies your research tracking, improves research efficiency and saves you time when writing your article.

However, if you want more than just these features, such as lab management, collaboration, or even compliance tools, you might want to upgrade. Premium Package. It has all the benefits of the free version, plus the following features depending on the plan you choose:

SciNote Premium Essential Plan Features

  • Team members can use collaboration tools work together on experiments, protocols and analyses. To keep everyone engaged, members can write comments and tag team members.

  • It has team management tools to help control who has access to data to maintain security and prevent data loss when a student or staff member leaves the lab.

  • Inventory management tools help reduce wastage of lab supplies and prevent delays caused by missing materials.

In addition to this, SciNote also offers the Validated Plan and the Platinum Plan, which include capabilities to satisfy compliance (i.e. FDA CFR 21 Part 11) and quality assurance (i.e. i.e. GxP). Premium subscriptions can add integrations of ChemAxon chemical drawing software, a AI-powered manuscript editorinventory management and many more.

SciNote Highlights

  • SciNote has earned the trust of the NIH, FDA, USDA, and European Commission.

  • More than 90,000 scientists worldwide from academic, government, industry and startup labs use this ELN for data or lab inventory management and more.

  • This online lab notebook presents a logic project-based workflow structure rather than notebook folders and pages.

  • It features an easy-to-use dashboard to plan and track overall project status, generate reusable templates and procedures, and increase lab productivity.

  • It allows students to learn how to structure and organize their research projects, one of the most distinctive offerings available from any ELN software.

  • SciNote’s structure is adaptable, making it suitable for various research topics.

  • It comes with a rich database, instructional videos on YouTube, online classesa LinkedIn user community, and email support. These are all available for free so that students and lab members can quickly learn to use SciNote. Premium plans come with additional integration and top-notch customer support.

SciNote makes your scientific data more discoverable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). You can quickly locate what you’re looking for by performing a quick search. This allows the data to be accessed and used with future technologies. You can ensure that your study has a long-lasting influence.

Additionally, SciNote is also a open source lab notebook that promotes community development and open science. They aim to help humanity get the most out of science while preserving research data for future generations.

Ditch traditional lab note taking and streamline your research data documentation now! Sign up for the free version Where start your 14-day trial of any premium plan to start. And, if you want to know more about establishing an effective ELN in a university laboratory, this SciNote Webinar provides an overview of how SciNote works in an academic environment.

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