Higher-Level Metrics Bring a New Perspective to Your Compliance Program | Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE)

CEP Magazine (June 2022)

With the scale of most compliance programs in large international organizations and the number of policies and reports to track, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture and fall into the trap of measuring inputs. : How many reports or spreadsheets did I issue? ; how many training sessions have I conducted, rather than the outcome and whether your program is meeting its objectives and actually having a positive impact on the business.

Regulatory expectations in this area are increasing, and when defining compliance metrics, we must always question ourselves not only about what a particular metric is trying to prove, but also about the relevance of that metric and its alignment with broader business goals.

When doing this exercise it can be helpful to look at the measurements through the lens of four different levels, and ideally your program will contain a balance of each so that you can demonstrate that the program is working and understood, affecting behaviors, achieving its goals and add value to the organization.

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