Hanna companies bring the holiday spirit

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This season, rather than braving the winter roads, why not search for gifts locally whenever possible? The Herald will showcase local businesses with services and gift ideas to make your holiday season a little smoother.

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Twisted scissors

Twisted Scissors’ Katie Campbell carries a wide variety of hair products at Twisted Scissors, as well as gift sets and Christmas stockings. Don’t know what your loved one wants? Don’t stress, just get a gift certificate so they can choose how to be pampered.

Thirty one

Need a unique and perfect gift? Why not thirty-one! Lots of items in stock and ready for local pickup. Call Jenny at 403-857-9185 for more information.

Virtual Vosloo

Small businesses can be exhausting! Do you have a friend or family member who is constantly breaking their buns to make their dreams come true? Let me help !! Vosloo Virtual can help you! Vosloo Virtual handles routine tasks like social media management, data entry, CRM, back office services to help small businesses free up their time to focus on the income-generating parts they really value! 10% reduction on gift certificates until Christmas !!

Hanna hypnosis and weight loss

Andrea Heilman, owner of Hanna Hypnosis and Weight Loss, is offering 25% off all programs as a Christmas special. When you book your free screening between now and December 31st. For more information or to book a free screening, email [email protected] or message Hanna Hypnosis on Messenger.

Fresh and frosted

Fresh and Frosted in Delia takes special orders during the holiday season. Place your orders by phone or SMS to Robyn Lynn at (403) 835-0257 or by email to [email protected]

Party hair company

Part Hair Company has awesome Amika Christmas Hair Care Packages along with gift certificates and amazing deal on Amika Hair Dryer Brush. You basically get two free styling products! For more information, contact Robyn Lynn at (403) 835-0257 or by email at [email protected]

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Rustic magnolia

Rustic Magnolia in Delia has some amazing gifts for the holiday season. From clothing to home decor, all natural products for the home and some personal care, they offer gift boxes and prefabricated bags for all budgets. Don’t know what to buy or are you running out of time? To add a little more holiday spirit to the season this year, Rustic Magnolia offers personal shopping and gift wrapping services. Let them be your Christmas elf and take care of all your holiday needs.

Live Love Laugh Shoes

Live Love Laugh Shoes offers a gift certificate with purchase. The store also offers gift certificates in denominations of $ 20, $ 50 and $ 100. They offer shoes for men, women and children and have a clearance room with 60% off. Live Love Laugh Shoes is open Wednesday through Friday 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Services on a tree limb

The Out On A Limb Tree service offerings offer free estimates and year-round tree pruning and removal, as well as stump grinding and firewood. All tree services over $ 500 receive a free bundle of firewood with this coupon.

Silicon Hanna Inc.

Silicon Hanna Inc. is your local video games and apps studio! Look for CryptoQuip in the app store on your phone or tablet for hours of free jigsaw puzzles over the holidays, and try their other games like CryptoScripture, Word Slide & Find, and 3D Ragin ‘Bull. Jo and Ricardo are the mom and pop behind the deal, and are always available to consult with business owners or individuals for web or app development or advice. Go online at siliconhanna.com then stop by the studio for a hot drink and a technical chat.

For the past few weeks, businesses are visiting here.

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