Guernsey Students To Receive Planned Grades Due To Covid-19 Pandemic



Guernsey schools and colleges have been asked to give their A-Level and GCSE students the expected grades after the summer exams are canceled.

The exam regulator Ofqual has said students should be given the grades they are most likely to achieve, based on evidence and reviewed by both subject teachers and department heads.

According to Ofqual’s advice, these judgments should be based on evidence of student performance – such as their class assignments, homework assessments and practice exams. For A level students, their AS grades in this subject will also be taken into account.

Schools and colleges are also required to provide an order of ranking of students in each grade so that Ofqual can ensure that the distribution of grades follows a similar pattern as in previous years.

MP Matt Fallaize, chairman of the Guernsey Committee for Education, Sport and Culture, said that while the situation is not perfect, he is happy that it is now understood how current students can progress.

MP Fallaize says that students who have already taken exams and obtained diplomas cannot have them withdrawn.


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