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Google, since its inception, always prepares to protect user data, and this may be one of the reasons why people around the world use it as a go-to platform. Over the years, the tech giant has extended its roots to many applications and is not only recognized as a search engine. There’s Google Docs, Drive, Spreadsheets, and just about every tool you can think of! It’s no surprise that Google is working to implement security measures on all of its devices. If you are worried about downloading a malicious file, the new update is for you!

The platform recently announcement that it would introduce warning labels in all of its workspace tools. This is to prevent users from downloading malware-infected files when using collaboration tools. Previously, this tool was only available for Google Drive. Users often get the notification before uploading files to Google Drive.

What makes the availability of this tool on all platforms essential? There has been a shift from physical presence to virtual presence, given the pandemic. Collaboration tools such as Google Workplace proved beneficial but, at the same time, carried the risk of being attacked by cybercriminals. Just last year, cybercriminals spammed the comments section of collaboration tools with malware-laden links to users. Attacks have gotten smarter and, according to Volexity researchers, there is malware designed explicitly for macOS systems. Once downloaded, it hijacks your computer and takes control of your Google Drive. Google has introduced many security measures over the years. Their newest addition is security banners on all of its collaboration tools.

The update comes from none other than Google itself. They recently posted a post on their Google Workspace blog informing users about the new feature. Thousands of users around the world appreciate the addition of warning banners on all collaboration tools. These security measures aren’t just for virtual workers, but can also come in very handy when collaborating on the corporate floor! Now, Google’s collaboration tools will be on the lookout for any suspicious files that may be present on the cloud-based engine. Once you are about to open it, a prominent red banner may appear with the tag. The banner will display a warning that the file is suspicious and your personal information may be at risk! This particular feature is a great help in flagging and deleting any files that seem to come from nowhere on your system.

The feature will roll out over the next two weeks randomly for users. Similarly Google Drive users will not be allowed any customization of the feature. It cannot be disabled from settings. However, for now, the update will only be rolled out to Google Workspace users. It also includes Basic and Business users from the older G suite. The platform has not commented on the functionality available for personal accounts; however, many reports indicate that it will be released for personal users at a later date!

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