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MIFFLINTOWN — Juniata County Assessment and Geographic Information Systems Manager Mike Hower announced an upcoming update to county land records at Tuesday’s meeting of Juniata County Commissioners.

Hower said the county will perform more accurate updates to land records with finer geographic information system accuracy in technology reports that will make property and tax assessments much more accurate than before. Hower said the innovation will improve records, for example deeds and mortgages submitted to the county will be audited by the Office of Geographic Information and Valuation System.

This innovative system will be a game-changer by meticulously updating all land records in Juniata County, he said.

In other cases conducted on Tuesday, the board:

• Passed an amended ordinance establishing a uniform parcel identification system by providing for a depository agency for county tax cards, including additions, deletions, and revisions to such cards and providing for the issuance by that agency of identifiers plot uniforms for each plot on the map to facilitate cession and establish a modern land registration system.

• Approved the Service Purchase Agreement between the Juniata County Commissioners on behalf of the Juniata County Child and Youth Social Services Agency and Madelyn R. Armstrong at an hourly rate of $20 to perform reasonably assigned tasks. The Agreement will be in effect from August 18, 2022 through June 30, 2023, or until the Services are no longer required, whichever comes first.

• Acknowledged the resignations of Karen A. Cisney from her position as social worker with the Juniata County Domestic Relations Section effective August 26, and Alexandra M. Glassel from her position probation officer with the Juniata County Probation and Probation Service Parole Service effective at the end of operations September 2.

• Approve the payment of checks 65441 to 65519 in the amount of $238,177.67.

In addition, the Salary Board and Pension Board approved a $100,000 reallocation from The Investment Company of America to the Capital World Growth and Income Fund.

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