Full details on Celtic’s €29m Champions League winnings

The well-known and well-respected social media account Swiss Ramble, which publishes financial figures for football clubs across Europe, revealed on Twitter the income Celtic have earned for their exploits in stage football. Champions League groups in 2022/23.

The figures turn out to be considerably higher than those of our main rival in Govan; amassing £8 million more than them due to the 10-year coefficient stipulation for historical participation. Now I wonder why? No backseat jokes please… especially from that rascal at the AGM who yesterday asked Michael Nicholson what year the rangers were founded? Well done this man. It should become a tradition, with the same question being asked every year until we get an answer!

Either way, the Hoops managed to get two draws this year, which wasn’t a great take on the six games on offer, truth be told. Although he still managed to snatch around £1.9m from us to put in the pot. Every little gesture counts as they say! Attendance at the Champions League tournament itself came in at around £15m, which is another much-welcomed revenue boost.

And Scotland, part of the UK TV market, got 10% of the overall pie. This means Michael Nicholson and Celtic’s number crunchers are able to add another £6m to the final receipts. All in all a very decent run for the club considering where we were just a few seasons ago.

Take a look at the Swiss Ramble spreadsheets:

Don’t forget, either, that Celtic have the revenue from all three 60,000 sold-out Champions League Group F home games to add to those totals.

Paul Gillespie

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