Fears that new Brexit customs rules for 2022 will lead to higher import prices

A WARNING has been issued that the new post-Brexit customs rules will increase the price of UK imports and worsen the cost of living crisis.

A grace period for companies shipping goods to the EU ended yesterday, which means additional processes around the declaration of goods are now in place.

Experts have warned that if UK-based businesses are prepared for the changes, thousands of businesses across the EU will now have to adapt to the new processes and it will be a “much more expensive” system.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today program last week, Shane Brennan (below) managing director of the Cold Chain Federation – which represents frozen and chilled food companies, said: “Companies based in UK are pretty prepared, we have been doing it the other way for a long time and have been working for 12 months knowing it is coming.

“What really worries us are companies in the European Union, because they are the ones who need to change now.

“They haven’t had to do this since Brexit, but from January 1 they have to make declarations, do some paperwork, they have to collect information in order to trade with the UK. big change and we are concerned about their readiness. ”

Brennan said there were concerns about delays, goods not being able to cross the border and additional costs that could also mean some companies halt imports into the UK.

He added: ‘We are talking about an extra £ 300 / £ 400 per truck or goods being trucked across the border.

“We’re talking about whole waves of new people needed to do the data entry.

“It’s a much more rigid and much more expensive process, it’s the kind of long-term future and change that we see in our food supply chain. ”

In his New Year’s post, Boris Johnson set out his take on the opportunities created by Brexit in 2021.

The list included the return of crown stamps to pint glasses and the removal of the ban on the sale of goods in pounds and ounces.

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Drew Hendry, SNP shadow trade spokesperson, said the new customs rules showed the “harsh reality of Boris Johnson’s ‘Brexit Britain'”.

He said: ‘Far from being comprehensive as the Tories try to claim, the real impacts of Brexit continue. First of all, they hammered at our exporters, now the barriers and rising import costs are starting – adding to the cost of living crisis facing individuals and families.

“Every industry is reporting a serious disruption to their business models, and it will only get worse.

“Boris Johnson is inflicting this damage on a country that did not vote for Brexit.”

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