Epping School sees increase in number of top marks in A levels


One school praised its sixth-graders after a jump in top grades.

The Epping teens received their Grade 6 A-level and BTEC results from Epping St John’s Church of England School on Tuesday along with their peers across the country.

For the second year in a row, exams were canceled due to the pandemic, with final grades based on teachers’ assessments.

Those who receive results have seen the last two years of study halted by the pandemic, with classes moving online for months at a time.

Despite the challenges, Epping St John’s saw an increase in the number of top grades from A * to A, as well as an increase in good runs from A * to C.

This year, more Grade 13 students have secured places at Russell Group universities in competitive courses, such as law, engineering, and optometry, as well as a surge in students accepted into graduate programs. learning with companies such as BT, Bloomberg and KPMG.

School principal Mike Yerosimou and sixth grade assistant principal Flora Christofi said in a joint statement: “We are so proud of this wonderful group of students.

“The government’s announcement about the exams came in January and it may have been tempting for students to lower the tools. Instead, Epping St John’s Grade 13 students did anything but. It certainly wouldn’t have felt like the exams were canceled for them!

“They carried out a series of assessments over a period of several months in all subjects, highlighting their knowledge, skills and the fact that despite months of no learning at school, they were able to achieve amazing things.

“It wasn’t the grade six experience that neither of them expected two years ago, but we know they’ll be stronger for it. Each of them will always be a big part of Epping St John’s.

“These results and this group of students demonstrate the new vision and direction of our wonderful sixth form. Coming to Epping St John’s offers a wide variety of pathways to access the best universities and apprenticeships and gives students the tools they need to be successful in all aspects of continuing education and employment.

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