EAGLE reports real-time well data for E&P operators

Technology continues to transform every aspect of our lives and its role in modernizing oil operations is no different.

An increase in the number of internet-connected devices used at drilling sites is accelerating this change. The real-time data generated proves crucial in helping to inform decision-making.

For the independent oil and gas services company TEMS International, the desire to offer its customers a greater speed of visualization of the results of its services led it to develop a tailor-made well reporting software EAGLE Reports. It uses a series of automated algorithms to generate daily, completion, compliance, and end-of-well reports.

The UK-based company, with offices in Houston and Kuala Lumpur, specializes in providing drilling performance management and environmental compliance services to E&P companies around the world. It is committed to helping its customers optimize drilling performance, improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of operations by reducing the carbon footprint of assets. This philosophy is also reflected in the EAGLE reports.

The creation of the cloud-based software has revolutionized TEMS International’s reporting systems, allowing faster access to results for clients, who can securely log in to access the information. This means drilling decisions can be made using the latest data, helping to improve operational efficiency.

TEMS International enlisted the services of DEV4 Online software developers who worked closely with the company’s experienced engineers to design, code and build the bespoke software package. The developers analyzed the complex calculations, reports, documents and systems previously used by TEMS International to transform them into a unique cloud-based program.

After a period of intense testing, EAGLE Reports was launched in 2019, generating all daily, completion, compliance and end-of-well reports that TEMS International produces for its customers. Underlining the company’s commitment to the software and improving the information it generates for the end user, a series of updates have since been applied to the system.

EAGLE Reports uses industry standard calculations that have been coded into automated processes. These predefined algorithms eliminate the risk of human error during the reporting process and improve transparency for the client.

TEMS worker at the computer

The system’s intuitive interfaces and streamlined data processing and document production save a lot of time in preparing reports. This helps present customers with detailed real-time data, enabling them to make informed drilling decisions in a shorter time frame.

Customers can access the system through a secure connection, with reports stored electronically in the cloud. Current and historical data can be viewed and analyzed securely by drilling crews, onshore and offshore, from anywhere in the world. Data can be exported and displayed in tables and graphs to facilitate analysis and discussion between teams.

Sharing TEMS data in meetings

The web-based software features a responsive design, allowing it to be easily accessed through a browser by users on desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices, all without the need for installation. .

Full traceability of all inputs and actions taken is in place throughout the system, providing accountability for quality management purposes. The digital nature of the software, its reports and their storage also offers environmental benefits, with reduced paper consumption, printing costs and physical storage.

Bill Walkingshaw, Managing Director of TEMS International, said, “EAGLE Reports has witnessed the complete digitization of our well reporting process. It has increased transparency for clients, accelerated the speed with which they can access results, and being cloud-based, reports can be viewed easily by teams around the world at any time of the day.

“Access to real-time wellsite information can be crucial for our customers, helping them make informed drilling decisions based on the latest data. This is exactly what EAGLE Reports offers its clients.

Complementing EAGLE Reports, TEMS International is set to launch TIGER Reports, which will separately manage customer environmental reporting requirements to government agencies.

For more information visit www.tems-international.com or call +44 (0)1224 047462.

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