E-Girdawari – Revenue department makes details of Girdawari available to citizens -SCS Revenue


CHANDIGARH: The Ministry of Revenue has taken the initiative to launch e-Girdawari in the state of Punjab. The program was designed to provide efficiency, accuracy and transparency in the recording of crop inspections – an exercise, commonly referred to as girdawari, which is carried out twice a year on a routine basis.

To perform this momentous task, the PLRS technical team from the revenue department developed the software and mobile application to capture harvest details. There are over 2.21 Crore Khasras in Punjab and the data entry process started on August 17, 2021.

Detailed instructions were given to all Deputy Commissioners at meetings held by Smt. Ravneet Kaur, the Special Chief Secretary (Revenue) by videoconference to accomplish this task by September 30, 2021.

The data entry work was regularly checked by the VC and the DLR member secretary, the PLRS also carried out field visits to the districts of Pathankot, Gurdaspur, SBS Nagar, Hoshiarpur and Amritsar with SCS (Revenue).

PLRS administration and data entry operators worked day and night to complete the data entry task. Thanks to the tireless efforts of everyone involved in this exercise, all of this 2.21 Crore Khasras data entry work was completed on September 27, 2021 well ahead of the target date, with the help of over 800 Data entry operators.

The digitized file will very soon be made available to citizens in the public domain and citizens will be able to file complaints online about incorrect Girdawari, informed Ravneet Kaur, Special Chief Secretary (Revenue).

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