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Data sheet search available

A new feature of the recently updated Machine Design home page is the searchable parts database offered in conjunction with our partner, Source ESB. The database provides easy access to thousands of component distributors, manufacturers and service providers. Think of it as a one-stop shopping mall for components. Search by distributor name and get not only parts information, but also price, availability, and the ability to purchase parts directly from the database.

Explore “The difference between…? ”

The popular “What’s the difference between …?” Of Machine Design series looks at a wide variety of topics. Just type “What’s the difference” into Machine Design’s search engine and you will get many answers to that question.

The latest installment in the series examines the difference between machined springs and traditional springs. In a white paper produced by MW Components, we examine the design and manufacturing differences between machined springs and wire springs, including how they handle unwanted rotation and bending, differences in accuracy and expected reliability. , the materials from which they are made. and their ability to connect or interact with other parts of an assembly.

IDEA! The deadline for the award ceremony is July 9

Even in a year of uncertainty, the manufacturing and automation innovation industry has advanced. It’s time to celebrate the new products and solutions developed by your teams last year by joining IDEA! Rewards.

Click here for a link to the registration form: It’s important to act quickly: the registration deadline is July 9 at 5 p.m. CST.

The idea! Awards are a way to showcase the tremendous work your design and marketing teams have done over the past 12 months. The August issue of Machine design will feature all products entered for review by our readers in print and online. You will also receive marketing materials recognizing your product as a 2021 IDEA! Finalist for prizes as part of your $ 500 entry fee.

The products with the most votes will be recognized at IDEA 2021! IDEA 2021 awards lunch! Conference in Cleveland. The November 9-11 conference will be three days of great information and an opportunity to reconnect after more than a year apart.

Get your entry today, like the deadline is July 9.

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