Cyclone Robotics Recognized in Robotic Process Automation Landscape Report by Independent Research Firm

SINGAPORE, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A leader in robotic process automation (RPA) software, Cyclone Robotics was recently included in the Forrester Research Landscape Report: Robotic Process Automation Landscape, Q3 of 2022.

Cyclone Robotics in Forrester Research Landscape Report: Robotic Process Automation Landscape, Q3 2022

According to Forrester, RPA is defined as a technology that automates human tasks and orchestrates the management of more complex tasks, with tasks and integration typically driven by the customer.

As a result, RPA software offers simple integration by coordinating actions between multiple systems. For example, RPA software helps customers automate repetitive tasks such as manual data entry, thereby speeding up operations by leveraging RPA bots that trigger and execute simple actions.

Cyclone Robotics views its inclusion in Forrester’s globally recognized research landscape as a great honor and achievement of its expertise in software development and robotics, given that the company has made significant investments to develop its RPA expertise since its inception. created in 2015.

“This is great recognition of Cyclone Robotics’ expertise in RPA, being included in the Forrester Landscape Report. “excellence. We understand the needs of our customers and strive to relentlessly meet the requirement of satisfying our customers,” says Vincent GaoFounder and CEO of Cyclone Robotics.

According to Gao, the company’s RPA software allows customers’ employees to use the solution with little or no coding experience. The company’s RPA platform enables end-to-end automation solutions, allowing builders to easily create automated processes to solve and improve routine tasks.

The majority of Cyclone Robotics customers are in the Asia Pacific region, where the company recorded revenues exceeding 100 million US dollars in product revenue for its 2021 fiscal year. The company’s customers are primarily from the financial services, industrial products and utilities sectors.

Globally, according to Forrester, the total RPA software industry achieved revenues of US$2.4 billion. With growing demand, Forrester forecast RPA software revenue to continue its global growth trajectory to achieve revenue of US$3.6 billion in 2022. This is significant revenue growth of over 50%, given the threat of a global recession and concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic.

Forrester reports that industry users implement RPA software to achieve the following results:

  • Reduced operating costs: Customers typically realize 15-30% operational cost savings from the application of RPA software. By using technology for highly repetitive tasks, RPA software bots can compensate for typical human worker failings such as fatigue-induced errors and emotional and cognitive distraction.
  • Digitize and automate processes: Remotely digitizing critical routine processes helps ensure operations continue despite the Covid-19 pandemic when travel to the office is restricted.
  • Improve the employee and customer experience: RPA takes over repetitive, manual and insipid tasks so that employees can focus on higher value tasks. This improves productivity and the experience of employees in their workplace.

One of Cyclone Robotics’ key differentiators from other players is that it helped innovate its unique RPA watchdog feature in its software, which automatically generates “watch-only” RPA scripts for certain processes. Additionally, Cyclone Robotics’ AI capabilities are delivered through the Cyclone Intelligent Robotics Interface (CIRI), which is an AI-enabled feature available on desktop and mobile devices.

About Cyclone Robotics

Founded in 2015, Cyclone Robotics is a leading global RPA provider and thought leader in hyperautomation with an average annual growth rate of 400% since 2019. The company now has more than 800 employees across 24 subsidiaries and branches around the world, serving more than 1,000 global customers. In early 2021, Cyclone Robotics established its Singapore branch as ASEAN headquarters office for Asia Pacific expansion to empower ASEAN businesses, JapanANZ and Middle East, across a wide variety of industries to accelerate their digital transformation efforts with Cyclone’s comprehensive portfolio of RPA products and services. The company has also set up its European headquarters in Londonnew branches in Indonesia and amsterdam this year to further strengthen their global presence in America and the European market. Its explosive business growth, advanced technology, strong team, advanced product ideas and ability to seize business opportunities have been highly recognized by investors and international authorities. Still favored by frontline capital, Cyclone Robotics has won $150 million in Series C financing in November 2021setting a record for the highest single funding in China The RPA industry.

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