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MUMBAI: A couple of doctors from Charkop are the latest to be arrested in the fake vaccine scam, and police now believe saline water was given to people in some of the camps. With the arrests of Dr Shivraj Pataria (61) and Neeta Pataria (60) on Thursday, the total number of arrests rose to 10.
A new FIR – the eighth to date – was filed in Thane’s Naupada on Friday in connection with beating 116 people at an insurance company. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) led by a DCP non-commissioned officer was formed as the case now extends to two police stations.

The Pataria run the Shivam hospital in Charkop. Between March 3 and April 28, it was a designated private Covid vaccination center. They received 17,100 doses of Covishield and 6,250 doses of Covaxin, most of which were administered to people in an official capacity. But the hospital was unable to explain what was done with the balance stock. “Even after the authorization ended on April 28, the hospital held camps without any memorandum of understanding or warning to BMC. One of these camps was organized at the branch of Malad Bank of Baroda in association with the accused Mahendra Singh. Another camp was at a stock exchange council in Borivli, ”said additional commissioner Dilip Sawant.

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Victims of fraud should get all the support they need from the authorities to check their health, revaccinate themselves or cancel certificates. The investigation must establish the truth, and if it is proven that appointed health professionals are involved, the punishment must be exemplary as this would then be a case of a great betrayal of the trust people place in doctors and playing with them. of human lives in a pandemic.

Police accused the Pataria of providing used vials or fake doses to another accused, Dr Manish Tripathi, who ran a training institute at their hospital. Tripathi, who has yet to be arrested, has been accused of filling empty vials with salt water and delivering them to Singh for the camps. “Based on the statement of an accused, Karim Ali, we believe at first glance that saline water was used,” said Co-Commissioner Vishwas Nangre Patil. Ali, who was a student at the Tripathi institute, said nine other students had been trained to give salt water injections. They were promised good marks in the practical exams if they joined the fake camps. Two other students, Roshni Patel and Ajit Benwasi, were detained but not arrested.
“All the vials were purchased from one source. We have not yet determined whether any doses have been tampered with, ”Nangre Patil said.
Police said the Pataria had had several meetings with Tripathi and Singh and that financial transactions had taken place. Investigators seized Rs 12.44 lakh and froze Singh and Tripathi’s bank accounts. A car used to transport vaccines was seized and 114 false vaccine certificates recovered. “We have applied strict articles such as article 308 (attempt to commit culpable homicide) of the IPC because people’s lives have been endangered. Another article applied results in life imprisonment, ”said Nangre Patil.
Thane’s fake camp took place on May 26 for employees of two branches of an insurance company. “Rs 1,000 each was billed to beneficiaries and Rs 1.16 lakh collectively defrauded. Four false certificates were handed over. Singh, Gupta, Ali and two others were involved. The ninth FIR will soon be deposited on around 220 employees of the talent management platform Kwan Talent who are being shot. The gang used data entry operators from BMC’s Nesco Center and private hospitals for misusing hospital IDs and entering beneficiary data to generate certificates. No chief medical officer of these hospitals is involved, ”said a police officer.
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